Last month we revealed that the Guardians of the Galaxy Geeki Tiki mugs were available to pre-order individually for a July release, but ThinkGeek is shipping the entire set right now for $80. That’s a huge savings if you want to get all six—plus you don’t have to wait. The summer is short and there are a lot of cocktails to drink. See more on That’s Nerdalicious

We’re not sure who the cosplayer is (yet), but damn—this MediEvil cosplay brings back some serious PS1 memories (some of you might recall MediEvil from the demo discs). Check out the entire photo by ReflexStudio below. [click to continue…]

Does you cat enjoy science fiction? It does now! Nurture your cat’s mandatory love for your fandoms with a nerdy cardboard house from Etsy seller CacaoPets. As you can see, these aren’t some gussied up Amazon boxes—they’re elaborate works of art that include Star Wars, Doctor Who and pirate themes. Check out more designs on Nerd Approved

Uniqlo recently held a contest that asked fans to submit Nintendo-themed t-shirt designs, and the results are amazing. Out of a field of 16,000 entries, 25 of the best were chosen with three claiming the top prizes. Did I mention that the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto was the final judge of these designs? [click to continue…]

As this Blackhardt by Egg Sisters Cosplay demonstrates, the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo had some pretty spectacular cosplayers doing their thing. Mineralblu was there to capture it all and distill it all into the 8-minute video below for your convienence and enjoyment. [click to continue…]

NEFF has added new Star Wars styles to the Disney Store that just scream “summer” to me. The collection includes tees, a tank and a trucker-style cap. There’s also a beanie in there, which doesn’t really fit with the summer theme, but let’s just go with it. Summer nights can be chilly at the beach. [click to continue…]

No skinless Titan necklaces here. In fact, this officially licensed Attack on Titan jewelry collection from Bandai is actually…pretty. [click to continue…]


We’ve seen Disney princesses turn up in family moments that include everything from engagement photos to adoption hearings, but this maternity shoot by Texas-based photographers Victor and Marie Luna is a first. All of these ladies look gorgeous in the elegant, minimalist Disney-themed dresses from Sew Trendy. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]

Now, I’m not telling you how to spend your money, but who needs food when you can have a life-size Giger Alien head and a set of Power Loader And Xenomorph sneakers? I assume you already have the Xenomorph skull. See more on Nerd Approved

Castle Corsetry is following up on their superhero-inspired fitness line with a new selection of workout wear for witches. Note the image above. I suspect that some of you already know that you’ll be sorted into a certain donut house that doesn’t really care about turning the puff into tuff. [click to continue…]