Irene Adler

The Woman appears in BBC’s Sherlock, and she’s fierce, beautiful, and not the kind of woman you want to mess with. Irene Adler is stunning, and cosplayer Scruffy Rebel (a.k.a. Victoria from Heroes of Cosplay) really nailed the look in this costume.

Photo by @gregdestefano, hair by @misschrissylynn, makeup by @makeupbysiryn.

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Star Lord cosplay

The fan excitement for Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy movie just keeps growing as we get closer to the release of the film. Personally, I can’t wait.

It also looks like the cosplay excitement is revving up if this gender-bent Star Lord cosplay by Watchtower is any indication.

I have a feeling we’re going to see a lot more Peter Jason Quill cosplay this summer—and that’s just fine with us.

Photos by WeNeals Photography and Retouching.

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These Dark Knight costume shirts will instantly turn you into a superhero or a villain depending on your mood. You have your choice of either Batman or Joker in an all over print with details like Batman’s utility belt and even Jokers full vest, tie, and jacket.

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iceman cosplay

Cosplay by Redditor FlashFletch33. Photo by Adventure_tom.

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zombie cosplay 1

When FX designer Josef Rarach decided to become a member of the undead for the Zombie Walk in Prague, he didn’t kid around. His insanely impressive costume and makeup make me think of a creature from Middle-earth – a long dead creature. While I can’t help but admire the amount of work and detail that went into this costume design, I’m also glad I didn’t run into him on the streets. I would have run away crying.

Photos by Ilja Hubálek Design|Photo, makeup by Vlad Taupes.

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People of all ages and genders like Disney, so it only makes sense that there would be clothing for men inspired by Ariel and her friends. British designer Bobby Abley has come up with an entire collection for dudes featuring characters from The Little Mermaid. The sweatshirts and t-shirts in the line feature the likes of Sebastian, Ursula, and yes, even Ariel’s seashells. Abley used iridescent fabrics to keep the under the sea vibe. The collection will be out in 2015.

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Gandalf tattoo

When I picture Gandalf from Lord of the Rings, I think of the wizard in his pointy hat and holding his pipe and staff. Pretty much exactly what’s on display in this incredibly detailed tattoo. I can’t get over all the lines on the staff showing the wood grain and the crosshatches on the glove – it must have taken forever to complete.

This image was taken from a few angles, stretched, and stitched together in order to show off the full tattoo. The ink was done by Matt at Blue Cardinal Tattoo Littlebrough, Manchester, England.

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Doctor Who shoes

Allons-y! It’s time to pull together some craft supplies (a sonic screwdriver won’t hurt) and make some fancy Doctor Who canvas shoes. Jenny Barnett Rohrs shared the project at Craft Test Dummies and said it only took her half an hour to transform a pair of black canvas shoes into the galaxy. I think it’s worth trying out.

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Fans of the 1996 sci-fi flick Mars Attacks! can show off their love for those little brainy green martians with these leggings. They feature a detailed close-up shot of one of the big-headed martians, as well as a burning city in the background. Honestly, the only thing it’s missing is a megaphone that plays Slim Whitman’s ear-straining music on a constant loop… but you can probably add that yourself. The leggings will be available this September, so pre-order now if you like ‘em!

Product Page: ($32.99)


If you’re a fan of the PvP comic, you’re familiar with Scratch Fury, Destroyer of Worlds. The cat is plotting on global domination, but when he’s not busy being maniacal, he poses as a cute and fluffy plush dice bag. This adorable design will hold all your dice and give you something to cuddle when you roll a one. The catch is that WeLoveFine needs to get 300 pre-orders to put the bag into production. As incentive, they’re offering 10% off.

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