I’m always happy when I get to talk about a piece by Takayas Custom Jewelry, and this Final Fantasy XIII-2 men’s wedding band is no exception. Inspired by Lightning’s Gunblade, this 14K white and yellow gold band also has some cleverly hidden Cactuars on the inside of the band as a fun addition.

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the arena

Violinist and performance artist Lindsey Stirling brings a lot more than just her musical talents to her new Mad Max-style video for “The Arena”. This is the first video from her third studio album Brave Enough, and she puts her dancing skills front and center. The video even features Dancing With The Stars’ Derek Hough.

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We’ve featured a Star Trek: TNG uniform panties set in the past, and now we have more options to add to your collection.

This 3-pack set features all over prints with logos, LCARS and Borg cube designs.

Star Trek: TNG 3-Pack Panty Set ($29.99)


Here’s a fast and easy way to color your hair just like Margot Robbie in Suicide Squad.

The Harley Quinn hair dye kit is a limited edition release from Splat that’s exclusively available at Hot Topic. It comes with two colors—Blue Crush and Pink Fantasy—and includes everything you need to bleach and dye your hair right down to the hair ties and gloves. [click to continue…]

Now that’s a happy face right there.

Siena College students created a very special prosthetic for 9-year-old Karissa Mitchell, who was born without a right hand. But what makes the prosthetic so special? Well, it turns out that Mitchell’s favorite movie is Disney’s Frozen, so the Siena students took that theme and ran with it. The ice arm even has a detachable Olaf light!

The college noted that the school’s student run e-NABLE program designed, assembled, and 3D printed the prosthetic. They were also involved with the Iron Man prosthetic designed by Pat Starace back in 2014. When Karissa’s mother, Maria, heard about Starace’s prosthetic, she wondered if e-NABLE could help out her daughter. One of the e-NABLE students, Alyx Gleason, noted that Mitchell was pretty pleased when she got to check out the printed-hand. “Karissa’s face lit up when we showed her a test hand. She is a very deserving girl,” Gleason said.

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Holy cybernetic ninjas, Batman! This Genji cosplay, as you can see from the pics, is absolutely insane. Overwatch has inspired some incredible cosplay so far, but this cosplay is one of the best.

But the most impressive thing about it is that Just Cosplay & Props, is apparently a newbie. Yep, he says that this is his first cosplay. And if that’s true, well…damn!

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hot topic suicide squad

It seems like eeeeeverybody is launching a collection of clothing inspired by Suicide Squad and, not surprisingly, Hot Topic went all in.

The collection can be pre-ordered now ahead of the July 22nd release. Keep in mind that plus sizes are only available online.

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koala undies top

Koala Art & Design have released a new line of sexy undies featuring the same nerdy patterns found on their awesome dresses and tops. The designs are accented with lace and their custom Key and Bow adornments.

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dragon scale hood

It may be summer in your neck of the woods but, you know, winter is coming and all that.

When it does come, you’ll be glad to have this Dragon Scale Nomad Hood from Etsy seller Ember And Ash. In addition to the chunky scale pattern, the hood includes crochet extensions that measure 105 inches from end to end so you can wrap them around your neck like a scarf. Plus, there are loads of color options.

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If you were worried that it would be too hot outside for your Mewgaroo hoodie, worry not! There’s a new summer version for all of your cute cat carrying needs.

Like the long sleeve version, it features pom poms and cat ears on the hood. Clearly, you need this in your life.

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