This beautiful shirt titled “Death of a Star/Birth of a Hero” is currently up for voting over on threadless. The design is the work of artist Ciro Trezzi who has managed to tell the story of the first trilogy in one incredible design and all it needs is your votes to become a reality.

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Galaxy beard

If you have a long beard, it seems like a moral imperative that you must fancy it up once in a while – with something other than crumbs. Redditor delpaint gets crafty with his beard, but his latest modification is especially wonderful: behold, the galaxy beard! He used large flakes of glitter to create the sparkly effect and noted that, “No amount of hot showers will get rid of the glitter on me now.” He’s probably right.

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star-lord jacket 1

Guardians of the Galaxy’s Star-Lord is quickly becoming a popular costume. But of all the items in the outfit, the red jacket is probably the hardest to find. New American Jackets is making that easier with their replica Peter Quill coats made from synthetic leather. They’re tailored and beautiful, but the best part? They have a Star-Lord jacket available in women’s sizing and cut, too! A Star-Lord jacket that will fit ladies properly. Huzzah!

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bat'leth scarf 1

The only way to prepare for cold weather is to arm yourself with warm clothing. I can’t think of anything more fierce than this Klingon Bat’leth scarf designed by Kimberly Gintar. You can stretch out the weapon and wield it and then wrap it around your neck. You can admire it or make your own because the pattern is available for purchase.

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Enterprise NCC1701 messenger bag

As a sucker for messenger bags, I can’t have just one. In the case of this Star Trek Enterprise NCC-1701 messenger bag, you get something that lets you show your Star Trek love with a front flap that depicts the hull of the NCC-1701 and custom buckle hardware inspired by the auxiliary engine.

It measures 18-inches long x 12-inches tall x 5 1/2-inches wide and has flap pockets, zipper storage, and an inner padded pocket that can fit a laptop measuring up to 15-inches long.

Product Page ($79.99 via Geek Alerts)

kaylee cosplay

Cosplayed by Maya Dinerstein.

Send your cosplay pics to

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all men must die

Here’s a t-shirt write up that comes with it’s own trivia factoid. According to ThinkGeek’s website, HBO’s Game of Thrones employs a comic book artist and writer to do their storyboarding, and the three-eyed sword raven that we’ve seen featured so prominently in the Season 4 advertising was created by comic book artist William Simpson (Batman, Judge Dredd, Hellblazer).

I didn’t know that until I saw their All Men Must Die Ladies’ Long Sleeve Tee with that same awesome raven design.

Product Page ($24.99)


Syndra is one of the many champions in League of Legends, and she has a wickedly cool outfit. Cosplayer Kinpatsu did an impressive job taking the costume from screen to real life, and she made the entire thing herself. It looks as though she used EVA foam and worbla for the armor and also incorporated leather and vinyl into the ensemble. The final result is simply stunning.

Photos by GiantShev.

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The era of the 12th Doctor is in full swing, and Etsy products like these hand-painted shoes are starting to trickle in. These sneakers are the work of GallifreyanMarket who has painted them with all sorts of 12th Doctor tidbits. The front features his coat, the sides have the gears and clock seen in the opening credits, and then the back has the best part of all—the intense Capaldi stare. The Doctor is watching your back. Or your ankles as it were.

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nnpmoqe1y7jobrqinurk copy

On a recent episode of the Colbert Report, comedian and all-around super patriot Stephen Colbert revealed to the audience that he’d secretly walked around San Diego Comic-Con dressed up as Prince Hawkcat–a superhero that Colbert describes as being “half hawk, half cat, all prince.” Colbert also tried to promote his Hawkcat movie during the con–the flick is appropriately titled T.B.D.–and con-goers were less than enthused about the whole thing. Check out a clip of Colbert dressed as Hawkcat as he walks around Comic-Con trying to get people to pose with him–it’s pretty freakin’ hilarious.

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