Every day companies are finding new and fantastic ways to put 3D printing technology in the hands of consumers. Reaching for a next level in tech and customization is Italian company XYZ Bag, which has begun offering sleek, custom 3D printed handbags.

XYZ Bag’s brand philosophy is simple:

The best handbag you can use is the one that wears your sign and soul. We want to transfer your intimate self-expression into a handbag, an everyday product that represents you. You’ll find your style in your emotion. A fashion statement of yourself.

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This Zangief cosplayer is extremely committed to his craft. Do you know why? Because he’s sporting Zangief’s tiny briefs during the winter in Japan!

Twitter user Sol_Getnews snapped these pics at Japan’s winter Comic Market, and the cosplayer really nailed the look. Stay toasty, Zangief!

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I’ve been showing off a lot of Catherine Elhoffer’s Star Wars designs recently, but now she’s taken a detour into the Marvel universe with this Magneto-inspired haute couture design.

The main part of the dress is a deep red striped double backed scuba with a split cape in purple georgette. The squared neckline and inset belt is a deep purple violet duchess satin backed with coutil.

I’m hoping someone commissioned this beauty for the X-Men: Apocalypse premiere party. I think it would look stunning on a red carpet.

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kylo ren bagpipes

Brian Kidd of Portland, Oregon aka “The Unipiper”, is back. This time he’s dressed as Kylo Ren playing “The Final Countdown” on flaming bagpipes in the rain while balancing atop a headless BB-8.

Needless to say, Brian is doing more than his part to “keep Portland weird”.

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DanielleBeaulieu WoW

Cosplayer Danielle Beaulieu certainly knows her way around creating Worbla armor, and her World of Warcraft tier 11 hunter is no exception. And just get an eye-full of all of those beautiful paint colors!

Photo by Jwai Design Photography

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Screen-Shot-2015-12-28-at-12.47.52-PM copy

These Air Jordan 11 moon landing-themed sneakers, which were supposedly created by Spanish shoe company sivasdescalzo, were set to debut on December 28.

However, the 28th happens to be “el Dia de los Santos Inocentes”, which is basically the Spanish-equivalent of April Fools Day.

So, I’m sad to report that they’re a hoax. An awesome, awesome hoax that I’d totally buy if they were real. On the plus side, they do mention the possibility of making the design a reality in the future.

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Kylo Ren cosplay will undoubtedly be a popular choice for fans in the years to come, but 501st Member Sl-13377 aka Dawn Bright is here to let you know that doing it properly isn’t going to be easy.

Bright created the following video that will walk you through the multiple (and I do mean multiple) steps required to don Kylo’s signature outfit.

I’m exhausted just watching her put ON this cosplay. I don’t even want to think about the effort it takes to actually make a costume like this.

And Dawn, I promise to carry a fan at SDCC to cool you off when I see you.

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This Hawaiian shirt from Etsy seller CarolinaPerezDesigns is the ideal attire for post-apocalyptic casual Fridays.

Take a closer look at the design in the images below. Brainshakes are definitely on the menu at the Zombie Drive-In where The Man With Two Brains runs on a continuous loop.

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play arts kai harley

Cosplayer Yugana Senshi Uon knocks it out of the park with this cosplay based on the Harley Quinn, Play Arts Kai variant figure.


Go look at the pictures below. Trust me on this.

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new star wars dresses

Just when I’ve moved past my “OMG WANT” stage over Catherine Elhoffer’s last Star Wars designs, she goes and unveils a bunch more and now I’m hyperventilating again.

This time around, she’s inspired by everything from Jedi to Sith to our favorite new droid. I hear there’s a photoshoot in the works, so hopefully we’ll get a look at those pictures once they drop.

Check out more designs below and may the Fashion Force be with you.

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