Jinx is known as the Loose Cannon in League of Legends, and you only need to take one look at her to see why. She appears unpredictable. Cosplayer Kyahri captures that mischievous spirit with her costume of the champion. She’s got everything from the slightly wacky and devious smile to the bright blue hair to Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher. I’d put my money on her.

Photos by Alasdair Watson Photography, tattoos designed by Ely Renae.

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This beautiful Miss Marvel cosplay features cosplayer Fanini Rabbids in a costume designed by her friend, Magda Roguer. The photos were all captured by Arturo Vega who did a fantastic job.

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She-Ra, AKA the Princess of Power, is no push-over. She wields an indestructible sword, occasionally hangs with He-Man and throughly enjoys kicking butt. Sure, her outfit might not be the most practical for battle, but she beats up Skeletor on a regular basis without breaking a sweat, so she can pretty much do and wear whatever she wants. I can’t promise that you’ll have the strength to tear down mountains if you don this She-Ra skater dress, but you’ll at least look the part.

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parenting done right

You’d think that Batman, of all people, would treat his old man a little better.

(via Cheezburger)

scarab 1

In the comic book series Kabuki, Scarab is a fierce assassin. Cosplayer Shadow Wolf appears to have the attitude that would be necessary to go with the profession. She looks scary and stunning in her cosplay of the character. I bet those spikes would come in handy while using public transportation; it would make others respect your personal space.

Photos by Twisted-Chimera.

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cosplay 360

It’s not unusual to see video compilations of cosplay from conventions, but this one is a little different. The video comes from Supanova in Sydney, Australia and it uses a 360 degree camera rig like they use at the Oscars. It’s also how they got the cool Bullet Time effect from The Matrix. Using it to capture these cosplayers makes them look like they jumped right out of a movie, too.

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nostalgic necklace header

Would you like to relive the best parts of your childhood and teenage years? Etsy store Von Trash Jewelry will help you travel back in time with their colorful retro necklace designs. Their big pendants feature logos from shows such as Saved By the Bell and The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and from companies such as Nickelodeon and Walt Disney. They scream nostalgia.

Each pendant is made by hand with a saw and a drill, and they’re made to order. Turnaround time is 1-3 business days.

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captain marvel 1

The current version of Captain Marvel has inspired women of all ages. Carol Danvers is just that awesome. Yaro Jane Photography’s daughter dressed up like the hero, and she looks like she has Carol’s spunk and is ready to save the world from anything that threatens it.

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If you haven’t had a chance to hear Peter Dinklage’s underwhelming voice acting in Destiny, you need to do so (check it out after the break). But Peter’s fairly funny, and all-together goofy, wizard-related line from the upcoming game spawned a popular meme, which Bungie decided to turn into a t-shirt. Apparently, all of the profits will go to charity.

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benny and bad cop

Cosplay by Noemi Romero Costumes.

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