download-6-e1458946823508Tiffany and her husband are Harry Potter fans who are about to have a baby named Carlisle. Carlisle will be their fourth and final child, so they realized that it was now or never if they were going to make a Harry Potter-themed nursery.

Their work paid off because this is clearly THE BEST NURSERY EVER.

Seriously. The details are amazing. Potions and wands and Quidditch sets and Hedwig, and pictures of all the great wizards and and and…

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God I hate carrying stuff. Wallets, laptops, phones, etc—I wish I could just shrink it all down and slip it comfortably into a single pocket.

But no, we still need bags to tote around all of our gear. Might as well get a bag that’s awesome.

On that note, these Deadpool and Captain America: Civil War laptop backpacks are both awesome looking and functional:

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jon snow white

If you’re 26-year-old Yuval Avrami and you look like Kit Harrington, you take advantage of it with some cosplay.

Then you take it to the next level.

This is the Jon Snow White cosplay he put together for Purim. It’s a whole lot better than the year my mom made me a Hamen Taschen (sorry mom).

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Fraser Stag Brooch Horizontal

Outlander season 2 starts Saturday, April 9th, so it seems like a perfect time to show you this gorgeous Fraser Stag brooch by RockLove Jewelry.

This handmade solid sterling silver brooch features two entwined Celtic knotwork stags with a white-tail stick pin to keep it secure—all inspired by Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander.

A bearskin cloak, to be exact, fastened at the neck with a silver-gilt brooch as large as the palm of my hand. It was made in the shape of two leaping stags, backs arched and heads meeting to form a circle. The locking pin was a short, tapered fan, the head of it shaped like the tail of a fleeing deer.

You may not have a bearskin cloak, but I’m sure this brooch goes with all sorts of great fabrics. Speaking of fabrics, I can’t wait to see the new French clothes when Outlander returns.

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wonder woman beauty collection

It certainly seems like that’s the case—and this wouldn’t be the first time Walgreens partnered on a themed makeup collection. Plus, the image comes from comic book artist and writer Ming Doyle.

The collection is set to drop in May, so stay tuned.

il_570xN.886564313_8qv9Share your geekitude with your friends and neighbors with these Labyrinth door knockers. Offered as a set or separately, each knocker is resin cast, hand painted, and made to order.

Now all you need to do is integrate the door knockers with something like the Ring Doorbell so you can make it seem like they’re talking.

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samurai hoodies top

“If it doesn’t exist, why not bring it into existence?” This is what the creators of the Samurai Armor Hoodie asked themselves when they couldn’t find a version of medieval knight hoodies based on traditional Japanese armor.

The question then became, if they made it, would people buy it? The answer is yes. Tokyo Otaku Mode released a limited number of hoodies in 2015 for 32,000 Yen in Japan and the run quickly sold out.

Now faced with a product and a demand, it’s all become about supply and how to make more hoodies, more efficiently, with better quality for a worldwide audience. That takes money.

To that end, they’ve launched an Indiegogo campaign to help make it happen. The hoodies come in three different colors with all kids of awesome details.

Check out more pics and a video below.

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Her Universe debuted their Captain Marvel and Spider-Woman Jackets earlier this month (the Captain Marvel jacket is a personal favorite) but now they’ve launched the rest of their WonderCon 2016 collection. However, don’t worry if you can’t make it to the con—they’ve made the new items available for order on their website.

Cause they’re awesome like that.

Check out the entire collection below.

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kylo ren calvin

(via Brian Kesinger)

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nathan drake cosplay

No lie, when I saw the first pictures of this Uncharted Nathan Drake cosplay by Leon Chiro, I literally yelled “Shut UP!”. It’s a really good thing I work from home but, I mean, this cosplay and these photos by Alessio Buzi aka “Fotomania” are just fantastic.

See for yourself below.

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