Cosplayer LadyAngelus pulled off this impressive spin on King Llane from the Warcraft film. She’s even got a regal ladybeard.

Photos by vaxzone.

Check out an additional pic below.

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itvi_planetary_lollipops (1)From That’s Nerdalicious: We’ve seen space-themed lollipops in the past, but ThinkGeek is offering an entire solar system’s worth for $29.99.

How many licks it takes to get to the center of the Earth? Let’s find out.

Flavors include:

Sun – Marshmallow, Mercury – Tropical Punch, Venus – Cherry, Earth – Cotton Candy, Mars – Pear, Jupiter – Key Lime, Saturn – Guava, Uranus – Blackberry, Neptune – Mango, Pluto – Strawberry / Kiwi

Handmade Planetary Lollipops ($29.99)

Teaser 4 Floral Droid

The latest debut for Phase 2 of Irregular Choice’s Star Wars collection is a floral droid sandal that is perfect for summer.

Wear them and attention will be yours.

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Harley wears her heart on her sleeve when it comes to her love for The Joker and so can you. Well, more like in the waist/hip area.

This cardigan features embroidered Harley “Puddin'” and heart designs with striped detailing.

Ain’t it cute?

Harley Quinn Heart Cardigan: ($44.50 – $48.50)

pilgrim-popsIt’s Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and Funko vs. Your wallet.

Who will emerge victorious?

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There are a billion-billion tweets sent on Twitter each and every day, but most of it is fluff. What we had for lunch, what we did on Friday night, which TV show we’re… well, not watching, because we’re too busy tweeting about it to pay attention to what’s on the screen.

But on May 11th, Harry Potter fan Kate, aka @AlwaysJLover on Twitter, sent a tweet to J.K. Rowling that was, well, very personal…

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drone warrior

An “historical re-enactment” took place in the Lipetsk region of Russia this past weekend, and a drone was buzzing around to take in the scene. As you’ll see in the video below, some bugger dressed as an “ancient warrior” hurled a spear and clocked the drone square in the gob. Clearly, he wants his history festival experience to be as accurate as possible.

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Two years ago, the Movpak appeared on Kickstarter. They asked for $100,000 and didn’t achieve their goal. Now they’re trying again with an Indiegogo campaign that has a smaller goal of $50,000 and a ton of new features to sweeten the pot.

Previously, the Movpak was just a travel bag that unfolded into an electric skateboard. Marketed as a potential boon for commuters or frequent flyers, the bag had plenty of room for carry-on essentials and the skateboard itself could reach a top speed of 15mph.

But in the new fundraising campaign, the Movpak has so many new features that I won’t even attempt to type them all out. Just look as the diagram below!

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cap-on-ice-768x576Captain America: Civil War is blazing a trail in the box office right now, eliciting almost the polar opposite response to Warner Bros.’ Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – it’s beloved by critics but has its audience well and truly divided.

The big question, obviously, is how much money does the US Army owe Steve Rogers?

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Annelies Maria Francine may only be 17, but her style is beautifully timeless. Inspired by actresses like Audrey Hepburn, Vivien Leigh, and even Sherilyn Fenn, she creates vintage looks and photographs that will make you look twice. Her Vivien Leigh is perfection, right down to the lifted eyebrow.

Check out more examples below.

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