tyrion throne cosplay

Twitter user Mica Bethea has likely created the most unique (and hopeful) Tyrion Lannister cosplay ever for his trip to MegaCon.

I admit, I hope this is a prophecy.

Nicely done, Mica. I bow before you.

(via GAS)


This great 8-Bit Mario cosplay was captured on the streets of Japan. It was part of a cosplay festival held in the Nipponbashi district of Osaka. Although this cosplay started with just Mario, a Luigi wandered by during the festival creating the perfect photo op.

Photos: mamerialyuuyaaa

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Here are two complimentary tattoos featuring a mix of the good and the bad from Fashionably Geek reader Brion. There’s a shoulder tattoo with one amazing image featuring Galactus, Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet, and Silver Surfer. Then, to balance things out with a little good guy action, we’ve got Wolverine and Iron Man in a work-in-progress image on his other shoulder.

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london comic con

Wow, this year’s London Super Comic Con looked like a lot of fun. Sneaky Zebra’s latest music video–which features a nice selection of all the different cosplay costumes that were spotted at the event–captures the Con’s fun vibe nicely too.

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Anck Su Namun Mummy Body Paint main

One of the things that made Anck Su Namun so interesting in The Mummy movies was her sinuous grace and the “there but not there” painted on look of her costume. Which makes this body paint cosplay so interesting.

Cosplayed by Northern Belle, with photography and body paint by ArtistiCurves, this photo shoot takes that barely there/painted on idea to the next level.

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Turn yourself into one of the most destructive races in the galaxy with this Dalek hoodie. Its got graphics on the body with all those little balls and the plunger and whisk attachments down each arm. There are even fake lights on his head to make the look complete.

Order now for delivery in July 2014.

Product Page ($49.99 via Geek Alerts)

alien makeup

Looking at this, you’d think it was a painting of an alien, right?

Well, it is. Sort of. It’s just not a painting using paint or a canvas. This entire look is done using black and white eye shadow, black liner, foundation, and powder by Reddit user MissyDeanna.

Don’t believe me? Head after the break to see her revealed.

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This pin-up stormtrooper wants your help supporting the troops to quell the Rebellion. If the Imperials look like this, can you blame anyone for joining up?

Product Page ($15)

diction fairy

In my dreams, she just taps you with her wand and you know whatever it was you were looking up.

Part of me wishes I could see the front of this “Diction-fairy” cosplay because I’m dying to know if she’s wearing glasses.

So cute.

(This City’s Lungs via Boing Boing)

drink milk the IT crowd

Whether you work at Reynholm Industries or in the cubicle farm of some other IT department, now you can be fashionable and show your love for The IT Crowd at the same time.

Besides, just think of how nice it’ll be to wear this and have the BDU’s not have any idea what it means.

Product Page ($19)