IFBB Figure Pro Rebecca Eger kills it in this Mother Russia cosplay from Kick-Ass 2.

The photography and compositing are done by Jeff Zoet Visuals.

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Wear your love for Sailor Moon with this Sailor Moon Heart Wand top and circle skirt combo. I like the fact that this is two pieces instead of a dress because it opens up so many possibilities for other outfits and accessories.

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It’s a Frap!

At Star Wars Celebration the creative cosplay is always most impressive, but we think Admiral Ackbunny totally wins the Internet. What’s more, this busty Mon Calamari babe was part of an awesome group cosplay called Star Wars Bunnies. The ears, tails, and corsets are all fantastic.

Costume Design: Castle Corsetry

Model: Jenny Newman

Body Paint: European Body Art & Daniela Bernotas

Photo: Miss Chrissy Lynn

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lady fett hanna solo

Lady Fett and Hanna Solo made an appearance at Star Wars Celebration. Gotta love that.

Image: Elliot Serrano

But things got even more interesting when Chewbacca got into the act. Check out the amazing pic after the break…

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Fossils, anatomy, bacterium, and more, Etsy shop owner tcustom turns science into sculptures.

“I studied biology in school, but I turned out to be much better at sculpting than I was at chemistry… and so here I am!”

Each small sculpture is made from steel and pewter and opens to reveal the inner workings of wildlife, dinosaurs, the human anatomy and even microbes. Science geeks, these are awesome!

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This little 3-year-old is Parker and he’s becoming quite the cosplay pro. So far, we’ve seen him as Finn, Tony Stark, and a ridiculously cute Link. Now he’s Daredevil from the new Netflix series.

He’s way too little to be watching the show, but he’s seen a couple of fight scenes and the trailer so he knows that Daredevil is a good guy who fights the bad guys. Credit for this goes to his Dad, John of City Light Cosplay, who is a huge fan of the series and photographs all his son’s cosplay.

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These adorable Disney princess-inspired wedges are hand painted by Etsy shop owner Kammy’s One of a Kind. These cuties are based on Snow White, but she’s also got Tinker Bell, Cinderella, Pocahontas, Belle, and of course, Minnie Mouse versions.

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In an effort that spanned the globe, cosplayers gathered to set a Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of people dressed as DC Comics Superheroes. The event took place over 24-hours with thousand dressing up to be a part of the record. Fans from United States, Brazil, Australia, and more all set up events in their own countries to make the day a success.

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We’ve all seen Game Of Thrones jewelry featuring house sigils and whatnot, but Daedra Jewelry takes her designs to creative new places. The House Targaryen-inspired antique silver necklace pictured above is a perfect example. Two dragons frame a Swarovski crystal that can be customized to the color of your choice.

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Photos taken by the astronauts on the International Space Station are always pretty cool, but Samantha Cristoforetti has taken this nerdy selfie to the next level. She dressed as Captain Janeway from Star Trek: Voyager, then she sent out the tweet after the break…

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