Hot Topic continues to impress me as they expand their geek friendly clothing lines. It’s nice to see Spider Gwen joining the ranks of their Marvel super hero merch. I hope we see more.

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jamie lee curtis vega

Jamie Lee Curtis has been on a roll recently and I’m loving every minute of it. First, there was an amazing moment at SDCC when Curtis was asked why it was her first time at SDCC by moderator Tim Stack. Jamie’s reply?

“I’ve been selling yogurt that makes you sh*t for the last 6 years.”

Then we found out that Jamie is a huge Street Fighter fan and that she promised to take her son to a fighting game tournament for his graduation present.

Not only did she take him to EVO 15, but she and the whole family cosplayed. Jamie Lee went as Vega to stay incognito. Husband Christopher Guest went as Tekken’s Doctor Bosconovitch, and her kids rounded it out with Makoto and Dee Jay.

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Hiccup is ready for adventure in this spectacular cosplay from How to Train Your Dragon 2. It took cosplayer Leo Light about two months to complete and he even got Toothless to join him for a few photos.

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BauBax is like the smartphone / Swiss Army knife of jackets. It simplifies your life in 15 different ways. They literally thought of everything.

The jacket comes in four different styles for both men and women: water-proof windbreaker, fleece lined bomber, wrinkle free blazer, and 100% cotton sweatshirt. The jacket breaks the mold with built-in everything that includes gloves, a hood, nine utility pockets, drink koozie, inflatable neck pillow, pen and stylus, earphones, and tons more.

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orc tattoo

Warcraft director Duncan Jones on AngryOrc’s new tattoo:

“Now THATS an arm!”

Yes. Yes it is.


Finally, a cheaper alternative to unicorn hoof boots.

These black and white hooves are attached to thigh-high leggings for the ultimate in fawn fashion and comfort. Etsy shop Chaos Costume notes:

“The construction of these hooves will be of high strength resin fused to a heelless 4 inch shoes. The arch is rigid plastic, and does not bend, so it keeps that beautiful silhouette, effortlessly.”

Apparently, the hoof shoes are so stable, you could even run in them. I’ll take their word for it.

You can even order the leggings and hooves in any color you wish. Check out the leggings with an entire costume after the break, along with some additional styles.

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Gnome It All Skirt

gnome skirt

Bring your wardrobe’s whimsy level to the max with this “Gnome It All” skirt.

I mean, the gnomes are riding bees! How cute is that?

May we suggest this bag to go with it?

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real life bat kid

We all know about BatKid Miles here in the states, but now there’s a new BatKid in the UK who’s a real life superhero.

Five-year-old Zavi Ahmed was in a Tesco parking lot with his mom and brother when One-year-old Iris Adamski accidentally got locked in her grandmother’s VW Beetle. Her grandmother was desperate for help and called the police. However, they were unable to fit inside the car after breaking a window.

Enter Zavi who was, awesomely enough, dressed as Batman for the day (his little brother had dressed as Superman. Extra cool points to their mom). Due to his small size, and heroic valor, Ravi was able to climb into the broken window and get the keys, thereby saving the day and the fair maiden.

When asked for comment on his heroic act, Ravi answered “I always feel like a superhero but that day was special.”

My hero.

(via The Daily Mirror)

borat spidey

Never stay inside the lines kids.

(via Reddit)


This handmade steampunk leather corset from Etsy seller Harlots & Angels looks like it’s powered by Iron Man’s arc reactor. Among all the brass claps, pipes, and wires, the wooden LED centerpiece really glows. This would be perfect for a Victorian-age Iron Man (Maiden) cosplay.

Check out more pics of the illuminated corset after the break.

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