Let it be known that I’m in love with this Rockabilly DC Villainesses cosplay. Photographer Greg De Stefano has captured Harley Quinn (Meg Turney), Poison Ivy (Chloe Dykstra), and Catwoman (Michele Morrow) at their deliciously evil best. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]

deadpool cardigan

Won’t this cardigan be cozy come Autumn? Set the mood with a little classical music playing on vinyl, a roaring fire, a stiff drink and a Hello Kitty backpack full of weapons at your feet.

Deadpool Symbol And Straps Cardigan ($74.99)


If you got swept up in the happy Chewbacca phenomenon, but have since recovered, you might be getting a little bored with that electronic mask you probably paid waaaay too much for. What to do, what to do…

The answer, of course, is to hack the crap out of it so that it will emit the sound of your choice. It’s actually pretty easy. All you need to do is swap out the original sound board for an Audio FX Sound Board loaded up with your favorite sounds. See how it’s done in the video below. [click to continue…]

croc martens

Whew! I think this is just Photoshop. It had better just be Photoshop (*shakes fist*).

(via Dangerous Minds)


Loot Crate’s theme for August 2016 is ANTI-HERO! Here’s a little teaser about what you can expect:

This month, we’re celebrating unconventional heroism with those that walk that fine line with ?ANTI-HERO?! Because let’s face it, sometimes to do some good, you need to be a little bad.

Get ready for EXCLUSIVE loot featuring Loot Crate’s most wanted: Hellboy, Harley Quinn, Kill Bill and Archer! Plus BONUS World of Warcraft downloadable content.

If you would like to try out Loot Crate for yourself, signup for a subscription and save 10% off your order with the code “NERDAPPROVED”.

Feel free to peruse our monthly reviews to see what a Loot Crate subscription is all about.

Signups for The ANTI-HERO crate end on August 19th at 9pm PT.


Esty seller CADIjewelry has designed wedding rings that are beautiful apart, but awesome together. These ring sets come in a variety of metals, stones, and styles. They also feature engraving that, when the rings are put together, form shapes like a heart, the sun and stars, or initials. I’m betting they can do more (nerdy) designs if you want to be creative. Check out more examples below. [click to continue…]


Yesterday, I got to talk about Missha’s Minions line and today I get to talk about Sanrio’s favorite lazy egg, Gudetama.

Korean beauty brand Holika Holika has created a Lazy & Easy skin care and cosmetics collection featuring Gudetama and it’s all super cute. Cushion compacts, lip color, cleansers, sheet masks (one with Gudetama’s face!), even nail stickers. Gudetama goodness for everyone.

There are a few items that take the Lazy & Easy idea and put it into a product for those of us who need to do our routine on the go (trying to do all my steps at SDCC was a laughable idea). The one item I’m dying to try is the Gudetama Lazy & Easy all in one master essence. It’s a toner, serum, and essence in one product.

It’s all of your beauty and cuteness needs in one. I love it.

The Gudetama Lazy & Easy line can be found in the States at Memebox (which is a bit pricey) and Amazon. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


Once again, Elhoffer Design has delivered something spectacular. Somehow, in the midst of all the nerdy dresses and Squirrel Girl costumes for John Barrowman, she found time to design this gorgeous Rey-inspired dress for a client that was throwing an art deco style wedding. Check out more details below. [click to continue…]


Kate McKinnon’s Jillian Holtzmann character from Ghostbusters is highly cosplayable. If she’s on your list (or you just want some badass-looking glasses), you aren’t going to do any better in terms of accuracy than the Sterling 23 Spectre from O’Riginals Trading Co.

This is the second run of Spectres (the first sold out before the movie premiere) and they are available for pre-order now with shipping slated for November 15th 2016. Several color options are available, but if you’re looking for the authentic version you should probably jump on it quickly as the run will be limited.

Sterling 23 Spectre Glasses ($87)

(via Nerdist)


The Disney Store has announced three new Dooney & Bourke styles coming later this month. They’ll be debuting on the Shop Disney Parks mobile app and will be available to purchase there. No word yet on pricing or whether they’ll be available at the parks or on the Disney Store online.

Beauty And The Beast debuts August 15th, Alice In Wonderland debuts August 22nd, and Dumbo debuts August 29th. All three styles will come in their shopper tote, letter carrier, and wristlet styles. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]