stormtrooper baymax

If you plan on attending O Comic Con this July, keep an eye out for Benito Garcia of Wetworks SFX Studios in this spectacular Baymax Trooper cosplay.

(via The RPF)


Living Dead Clothing is taking a trip to Rapture in this Bioshock inspired collection. Check out more designs below—from Little Sister to Big Daddy, there’s something here for everyone. [click to continue…]


High end Star Wars prop replicas are nothing new, but they’ve always been created by third-party companies through licensing deals.

Until now.

Behold the Star Wars Collectibles: Ultimate Studio Edition by Propshop at Pinewood Studios—the same folks that created props for The Force Awakens.

The first eight items in the line are from Star Wars: The Force Awakens and include Darth Vader’s melted helmet, Rey’s staff, Poe Dameron’s helmet, Kylo Ren’s lightsaber hilt and more.

Each made-to-order, limited edition replica has a display pedestal and comes packed in branded wooden crates inspired by the Star Wars universe. Naturally, they are extremely expensive and some will only be available in limited quantities. Initially, the collectibles will only be available in the states. See more props after the break…


Merchoid has launched their official Suicide Squad clothing collection and it includes all of the awesome shirts pictured here plus a film replica Harley Quinn jacket for only $60.

Head on over to Merchoid to check out the entire collection.

unicorn lip balm

Yes, it tastes like cotton candy. OF COURSE it does.

When your lips hurt real bad, reach for the only lip balm that’s Unicorn tested (Unicorns have lips right?) and Unicorn approved.

Unicorn Lip Balm ($4.99)

leather tabi top

Be the best dressed ninja at Burning Man with these made-to-order leather tabi boots from Etsy seller DUSTYFOOTClothing. There’s even a secret pocket on the inside of the right boot for hiding “all the good stuff”.

Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


Cosplayers Anna Veber and Aleksandr Ledyanov recently pulled off this super Injustice: Gods Amongst Us cosplay with photographer DZETA & AIGER

Anna’s Hawkgirl costume is on point (those wings!) and Aleksandr’s Nightwing costume has some excellent details. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]

diy star wars dress

One of the things I like most about Holly Frey is the sheer delight she takes in things like her fabrics—the geekier the better.

When she found a First Order Star Wars fabric print a few months before The Force Awakens, she grabbed it without having a plan for it. She just knew she wanted to make something.

Cut to the acquisition of a pattern she’d been coveting and, with a couple hours of sewing, she made herself a dress she’s in love with.

I can totally see why. You get to wear Star Wars and twirl to your heart’s content.

Head on over to Sew Nerdy to see more on how the dress was made.


We are all about hair trends on Fashionably Geek, and Ursula Goff has been leading the pack with her innovative designs. I’m always blown away by her work and have kept up with her so I can find about anything new and awesome.

Well, get a load of this.

In a recent blog post, Goff said that while she got a ton of compliments from people who saw her fine art hair series, some people expressed disappointment that she wasn’t actually painting art onto people’s hair. So, Goff decided to give it a shot and look her styling to the next level.

Armed with her hair dye, a hair weft (a thin length of hair), Goff brought Van Gogh, Klimt, Kandinsky, Picasso and more to a new canvas. More pics after the break…

long jeans

Apparently, ASOS has been sending customers some insanely long jeans, prompting the Internet to cry with laughter and question whether the store is trolling the world.

Case in point, 20-year-old estate agent George Riggall, who received the pair of jeans pictured above. After posting the photos to Twitter, the company contacted George saying that the added length was intentional so the wearer could “comfortably cuff them”.

As you’ll see below, Twitter provided some evidence that this wouldn’t be a hot look. [click to continue…]