With the Beauty and The Beast live-action movie only a month away, the time is right for a gorgeous Loungefly bag and wallet combo. [click to continue…]

This one-of-a-kind Lego Batman jacket was recently worn by DC President Diane Nelson to the Lego Batman Movie premiere. It was made using 10,000 bricks by Nathan Sawaya, the same Lego master that created a similar Ashoka Tano dress for Ashley Eckstein at SDCC last year. Granted, an actual fabric jacket was used as the base because a jacket made ENTIRELY out of Lego would be ridiculous (and hilarious) to wear. [click to continue…]

Kelsey, aka toughtink cosplay alerted us to her new Tinker Bell cosplay and we absolutely love it. It’s based on the Couture de Force Tinker Bell figurine, and she pulled off the look perfectly with help from Elite Cosplay on photos, wings from Fancy Fairy Wings & Things, ears from Aradani Costumes and a wig from Arda Wigs. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]

Anovos, the company that makes all of those amazing, screen-ready Star Wars costumes, has turned its attention to Marvel with a Captain America: Civil War collection that includes jackets for Cap, Ant-Man and Black Widow along with 1:3 scale replica helmets. [click to continue…]

Japanese company col realizes that people can’t resist dressing up their pets, and acted accordingly by releasing a “Neko Muffler”, or cat scarf that will keep your cat fashionable throughout the winter. [click to continue…]

Gorgeous Ino Yamanaka (Naruto) cosplay by Violet Cosplay.

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In the video below, cosplayers Elizabeth Rage and Hendo will show you how to put together a Peacekeeper costume from the upcoming game For Honor. It requires a bit of effort and skill, but the end results are fantastic. [click to continue…]

These bags are small in size but big on nerdy style with Harry Potter and Pokemon themes to choose from. They’re perfect for carrying around your necessities. [click to continue…]

Poland-based fashion store Reserved has a Star Wars collection that features tops, bags, wallets, ties and more. Some of the designs are simple and straightforward—but the patterns on these shirts captured our attention. You’ll have to get up close before you realize that your dealing with a stylish Star Wars fan. [click to continue…]


Hey, you’ve seen Disney princesses mashed up with pretty much everything at this point, so why not Kingdom Hearts? Check out more characters in the series from Art By Stan below. [click to continue…]