This is it. The teapot that the Galactic Empire uses in the Death Star break room to serve tea with those cookies they’re so famous for. See more on That’s Nerdalicious

My guess is that you’ll get comments on this Tinker Bell bag at least once a day. How could you not? Look at it!

The bag is part of the quirky Danielle Nicole Disney collection. You can check out more bags like this at the Disney Store and Amazon. However, Box Lunch currently has the best price on some of the bags in the collection, including Tinker Bell ($55.92 – 20% off). [click to continue…]

Live-action anime continues to be all the rage with news that Tomorrow Studios is partnering with Midnight Radio to produce a Cowboy Bebop television series for American audiences. It comes with the blessing of Sunrise, the studio behind the original series. Read more on Nerd Approved

Lining the interior of your boots with the Marauder’s Map is a smart way to conceal it. Nobody will ever think to look there. NOBODY. The rest of the world will think you’re all badass or goth or whatever, but every time you lace up your boots you can smile and nod, knowing that you’re really a hopeless Harry Potter fanatic. [click to continue…]

Converse is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the iconic Chuck Taylor All Star with some interesting partnerships. Gore-Tex is probably the most interesting of the bunch as it will finally deliver a waterproof version of the sneaker dubbed the All Star 100 GORE-TEX Hi in September for $135. Converse Japan is also getting in on the celebration with a special One Piece print. The One Piece Converse All Star 100th Anniversary edition sneakers will launch in Japan this August for 9000 yen ($81). Take a closer look at both kicks below. [click to continue…]

I have to say—I love the look of this Pokémon Gyrados Tote from Loungefly. It features a Japanese art-inspired wave pattern with Magikarp and its Gyrados evolution. Plus, it’s pretty big at 13″ x 16″. Take a closer look below. [click to continue…]

Hot Topic is holding a semi-secret 40% off sale that includes over 250 items with some of our favorite nerdy fashions in the mix from Star Wars, Harry Potter, Studio Ghibli, Disney, Marvel, Sailor Moon and more. It even includes items from Her Universe, and there are plenty of plus sizes to be had. Head on over to Hot Topic to check out all of the items in the sale before it ends!


Not since the legendary battle between 11,000 penguins against 4,000 Santas have we seen a fight this epic. Are chickens just watered down dinosaurs that taste great when battered and fried, or do they still possess the instincts of a savage killing machine? Find out in the video on Nerd Approved

Warner Bros. has launched a merch site that has collected some of the best Wonder Woman stuff out there. We’ve featured many of the accessories in the past, but we found some new gems in the form of shirts and jackets. Check out some of our favorites below. [click to continue…]

The Medcare Skin Centre is an actual clinic in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam that has a very unfortunate new logo. Apparently, the apocalypse is going to start with a face cream that doesn’t quite work as advertised. Quite the opposite in fact. [click to continue…]