superhero minimalism

This line of matching sweatshirts, underwear, t-shirts and tanks is described as “Superhero Minimalism”, but there’s nothing minimalist about completely covering yourself in brightly colored superhero faces. It’s a bold look for bold nerds.

Product Page (Prices Vary)

Pokemon Eevee Plush Backpack

eevee plush backpack

This Eevee won’t be able to evolve into something big enough to hold your laptop, but it’s definitely a super cute way to tote around your smaller stuff.

Product Page ($22.50 $15.75)

titan armor

Sony reached out and asked effects artist Frank Ippolito and his team of fellow designers to create a suit of Titan armor (from Destiny) for the winner of a contest. The final product, after five weeks of exhaustive but incredible work, is definitely out of this world.

Check out the build process in the video below.

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Jewelry designer @Hakusi_Kasei recently showed off a Spectrum Cube necklace design that spews a rainbow of colors whenever it’s exposed to light.

Although the timing for a December debut was perfect, the bad news is that it’s not yet commercially available – meaning you’ll have to move it from your Christmas list to your “Dammit, why can’t I have that?” list.

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Recently, we saw these modern takes on hakama and haori coats and now we’ve discovered these amazing samurai parkas.

Your journey to becoming a modern Samurai continues.

The fashion designers at Kyoto-based Wazigen Shizukuya have unveiled a new collection of samurai-inspired parkas made using modern materials. They even have cool names like the Dubai, The Ulanbator (named for the Mongolian capital Ulaanbaatar), the Transylvania, and the Kamchatka.

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slimer pug

I applaud this move. Slimer Pug is a pro.

(Reddit and Chris Hallbeck)


There are no words.

I think the photos of Bernadette Bentley (Xena) and Cathy Kutz (Gabrielle) by Manny Llanura Photography speak for themselves. See more below.

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This Officially-licensed Batgirl Brushed Terry Lounger is a one-piece PJ that includes a cowl, Batgirl logo and a removable metallic cape.

The arms have cuffs with holes for your thumbs and it’s got a super-soft brushed terry lining, so you can sleep in it and then be dressed when crime happens at any hour (it’s kind of like the superhero equivalent of going to the supermarket in sweatpants).

There’s also a Batman Arkham version, so there’s plenty of comfy crimefighter coverage for everyone.

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Artist, model, and cosplayer Kay Pike takes body paint to a whole new level with Thanos. It’s amazing, but also very creepy to see in motion. You can experience that for yourself in the video below.

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unicorn slippers

It seems like you’ve been looking for a good pair of unicorn slippers for ages right? Well, your quest is over. These NUTTY Unicorn Slippers are the only unicorn slippers you need. Just make sure to grab them while you can because they’ll sell out in a hot second.

Unicorn Slippers ($26)

ASOS also makes a pair of unicorn slipper boots which are pictured below.

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