We’ve seen our fair share of gijinka (humanized) Pokemon cosplay / artwork, and Double Helix’s Umbreon is something special.

Photography: Blondiee

Check out more pics from the series below.

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download-6-e1455917885918This new Star Wars and Regency era alternate universe art by The Real McGee is something special, indeed.

The Finn and Poe piece has already caught the eye of John Boyega and its only a matter of time before Daisy Ridley sees the Rey piece.

I find myself hoping someone cosplays these. Check out the entire series on Nerd Approved


Anyone who designs clothes/cosplay knows the difficulties in tailoring things to fit perfectly. If that problem sounds familiar, I’m thinking this new invention by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s Institute of Textiles and Clothing will intrigue the heck out of you.

Meet the iDummy. It’s a programmable mannequin that can automatically adjust to a wide range of body measurements. It also has the ability to save size profiles so you can easily change between them.

I’m having flashbacks to Weird Science. Check out the videos below to see the iDummy in action.

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mlp hats

Today in “Totally cute. Would wear!” I present these adorable pony fleece hats by Pretzl Cosplay.

Inspired by some of your favorite My Little Pony characters, they’re a great way to be both cute and warm.

I’m torn between the Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle ones. Check out the entire lineup below.

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nelson mandala tattoo

(via Chromin’ Polanski)

1-1The Kotoba no Haoto cafe in Japan has earned a name for itself due to its rustic interiors and selection of books. However, their most popular draw could be the cat-shaped parfaits offered after 1pm.

The designs change regularly, and include themed designs for the holidays. They have proven so popular that the establishment has imposed a limit of 15 servings per day.

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Falcon Purse 3

Mikaela Holmes is a Star Wars fan and a costume and fashion designer who decided to make her own leather Millennium Falcon purse as a way of dealing with her anticipation in the lead up to the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

To say it’s cool is a blazing understatement. It even has an LED so you can fire up the Falcon when you leave a room.

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harry-potter-lampReddit user Eikcammailliw has created a pretty fantastic looking Harry Potter lamp by adding some glorious Sharpie artwork to the shade of a lamp that appears to be similar in design to the Deathly Hallows lamps sold by Golden Ratio Furniture on Etsy.

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alice shoes2

Irregular Choice never ceases to amaze with wild and interesting shoe designs, and this little trip down the rabbit hole is no different. They’ve announced five limited edition styles so far: Flower shoes with Alice heels, Teacup and teapot heeled shoes, Teacup and teapot heeled boots, Cheshire Cat heels, and Cheshire Cat flats.

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These lovelies are a perfect way to celebrate your Unbirthday. They should be available starting on February 26th. UPDATE: Several designs from the collection are being sold in the U.S. through Think Geek.

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Samurai Sailor Moon

samurai sailor moon

It’s no secret that art can often inspire some fantastic cosplay. With that in mind, we submit this Samurai Sailor Moon series by Chili Ferrets.

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