You don’t often see Blade Runner cosplay, which makes this beautiful Pris something truly unique. It features cosplayer Crystal Graziano photographed by Big White Bazooka. Her costume and make-up are gorgeous and she does a great job capturing the crazy-sexy of the character.

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helmet - spidey 1

Add some thwip to your ride with these eye-catching Spider-Man motorcycle helmets by DONY Custom. The design makes sense given the shape and pattern of Spidey’s costume, and I’m amazed they haven’t been officially licensed before. The seller uses HJC brand helmets for the base and airbrushes the designs on. You can choose from the classic red or a bright blue or black—and if you’d rather go darker, they have a wicked Venom design. They’re all gorgeous.

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This kitten is Sir Stuffington. He was attacked by a racoon as a baby and lost an eye and a tooth in the struggle. He and his brothers have recently been adopted and now Sir Stuffington likes to dress up like a pirate because he knows no one will deny him cat treats when he’s this darn cute. His owner’s even started a facebook page and is selling prints of Sir Stuffington to raise money for their local animal shelter to help him and other animals in need.

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Natalie Dormer is fast becoming one of my favorite people on the planet.

She recently attended her first convention for C2E2 and had her first experience with cosplayers. Specifically, people cosplaying her Game Of Thrones character. As you’ll see after the break, she had nothing but praise for them.

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This is the fantastic dress that Olivia Mears created for an internet themed costume party. She turned herself into image hosting site Imgur complete with requisite cat pictures.

(Ian Brooks via Neatorama)

green companion

Bulbasaur fans will be happy to see that this Pokemon tee is on sale for only $11 today. Better hurry though—the deal ends tomorrow!

Product Page ($11)

carpet cosplay dragon con

One of the coolest costumes at Dragon Con this year was ridiculously clever: Volpin Props went to the Marriott hotel and carefully sketched and re-created the recognizable carpet and designed carpet camo outfits. Photos of the cosplay spread across social media, and Volpin Props responded to the popularity by making the fabric design available on Spoonflower. Unfortunately, the carpet manufacturers weren’t thrilled with this action.

Even though Volpin Props has made their ugly carpet pattern more well known, Couristan, Inc. has sent Volpin a Cease and Desist to stop selling the fabric. I know the manufacturer is legally correct, but you’d think they’d take this unique opportunity to talk to Volpin and do some creative advertising or something rather than just shutting them down. Regardless, any cosplayers who want to make costumes patterned on the carpet will figure it out – they tend to be a resourceful bunch.

(The Daily Dot via SP via BB)

wonder woman sailor moon

The Streetstar Festival in Sweden brings people together for a variety of urban street dance and music events, and sometimes participants show up in costumes. In this entertaining showdown, Sailor Moon faces off against Wonder Woman. The Vogue Femme Battle features the heroes throwing down hip-hop moves and trying to outdo each other, and I can’t get over how skilled they are. Their moves are so improbable that it seems they are actual superheroes at times.

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A Heisenberg Hat For Cats

heisenberg hat cat

This cat is totally psyched about Breaking Bad’s Emmy win last night. He’s not taking off his Heisenberg hat until after the finale.

If you happen to have two cats, good news! There’s also a Jesse Pinkman beanie that you can check out after the break.

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dragon ring 1

Could this ring be any more adorable? I’d love to have a dragon like this with me all the time, like a little shiny friend. The ring is made from 18K gold-plated and rhodium-plated brass. As you can see from the picture, the eyes, horns, and foot webbing are highlighted in the gold – I think the two-tone design makes it extra lovely. And, added bonus: when you’re not wearing it you can pretend to be Daenerys and ask people where your dragons are.

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