Star Trek TNG cardigans are definitely hot right now. We featured similar designs previously and Her Universe just came out with their own version. However, ThinkGeek has gone the extra mile with a complete set that’s unisex and slightly more affordable.

These 5-button, v-neck sweaters feature combadges embroidered in place so you can’t lose them. Choose Sciences Blue, Command Red, or Operations Gold. We could totally see Dr. Crusher adopting this as part of her uniform for when she wasn’t seeing patients. Couldn’t you?

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The live-action Attack on Titan movie opens in Japan next month, but it just premiered at the Egyptian Theater in Los Angeles. Interestingly, the premiere included official cosplayers in costumes that might be scarier than actual titans.

One titan is oddly squished and out of proportion while the rest are on stilts with pantsuits that give them ridiculously long legs. Weird.

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Makeup artist Natasha Morley uses her incredible talent to transform into her favorite characters from comic books and video games. Some of her character makeup is so elaborate that it renders her natural beauty completely unrecognizable.

She’s become Groot, Kerrigan from Starcraft, Ultron, Barbie, Predator, Scorpion, a dragon, and dozens more.

Check out some of her amazing work and a video of her Spider-Man application after the break.

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San Diego Comic-Con features some of the most amazing cosplay you’ll ever see. This year, artist Frank Ippolito took things up a notch with his foam Rancor costume. Amazingly enough, he built it in less than a month with references from an original test costume used Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. See it all come together in the video after the break…

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The gorgeous tattoos are the work of artist Houston Patton and Creative Director Dagny Fox who are known as Thieves of Tower. Each tattoo is done in black ink and is intended take clients back to “a time of darkened beauty” with designs inspired by medieval woodcuts and engravings.

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Underneath this Magical Unicorn Umbrella, you’ll be secure in your own bubble of cheerfulness even in the gloomiest weather. Surely, a rainbow will follow you wherever you go.

The moment you open it up, the pastel striped fabric will make you feel like you’re in your own personal little pastel circus tent. The majestic plastic handle features the unicorn’s head and mane and the umbrella’s pointy bit is the tip of the unicorn’s golden horn. Basically, you can’t find a more magical umbrella.

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Yuck, who wants to see cat butts? Twinkle Tush aims to cover up that butt with a shiny jewel and give your cat some class.

Of course, Twinkle Tush is just a gag gift. You can buy this dangling sparkly for $6, but please don’t leave this thing on your cat’s butt. It won’t be so fancy after your cat has visited the litter box.

Now click below to watch the ridiculous Twinkle Tush commercial. 

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Technically these are “Silk Spinner” leggings, but I think you’re safe in assuming they were inspired by the silk-slinging comic book heroine from a parallel universe.

They’re also very pretty.

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This elaborate and beautifully executed Jade Fang Cassiopeia cosplay from League of Legends is the work of UmasLady. She was captured in photographs by N8e.

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Made from laser cut acrylic, these Harley Quinn-inspired earrings are super eye-catching. Her signature diamond shape is embellished with what looks like an upside down jester hat. Hmmmmmm.

Etsy shop Pint Sized Maria uses nickle free backings and swarovski crystals to add a little extra bling (although I think Harley would prefer a little extra bashing).

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