This beautiful prom dress is a one-of-a-kind creation made by JoEllen Elam. It is a commissioned piece that a father had done for his daughter. Rather than an exact duplicate of what Elsa wears in the movie, he asked them to make it similar but to incorporate purple which is his daughter’s favorite color. You’ll see the color in the train, the lace at the neckline, and the gradient on the sleeves.

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This creepy yet cool cosplay is the work of Melanie Colley. She’s done an amazing job crafting a full-body suit with shoulder pads and even a satchel, but the best part is the face mask which is so beautiful and scary that you just can’t look away.

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Reebok is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Instapump Fury by releasing 27 special variants of the shoe over the course of this spring and summer. Two of those special designs will be Gundam-themed. The RX-78-2 takes its color palette from the OG Gundam with lots of gray and blue with red and yellow accents. Then there’s Char Aznable’s MS-06S Zaku II which is bright pink and red with purple and gray accents. Pricing is expected to be $190 with the shoes appearing in stores very soon.

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mario mustache

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espionage curses collection 1

The science fiction genre has not only provided us with a wealth of rich stories and characters, it’s also given us some choice curse words. Espionage Cosmetics has added a new series to their already awesome offerings: the Curses! Collection. The pots of cosmetic grade glitter are named: ZARK!, FRELL!, FRAK!, and GORRAM! I love the vivid, eye-popping colors and that I’d be able to say I’m wearing the color Gorram.

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Harley Quinn does whatever she can to please her beloved puddin’. If that means she has to rob a bank, fight Batman, or take on the entire Gotham City Police Department all on her own, she’ll do it—and she’ll make a gag out of the whole thing too. In short, Harley is one insanely fun character, and cosplayer Bethany Robinson totally gets it.

Bethany told us that Harley is one of her favorite characters to cosplay, and she passed us a few pics of her latest outfit. As you can see from the image above, Harley loves a good photobomb.

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jedi slanket header

Cosplay just got incredibly easy. Just take this Jedi sleeved blanket to bed with you, wake up the next morning, put your arms through the holes, and tada! You’re ready to head out into the world and share your knowledge with Padawans. Don’t worry if you look tired and grizzled, it just makes you appear to be more wise.

This cozy wrap has a hood, pockets, and is made from polyester. At 62-inches wide and 68-inches tall, you’ll have plenty of room to get snuggly.

Product Page ($24.99)

leather masks 1

Since dragons are fictional creatures, it’s hard to say what realistic sculptures of them would look like, but it’s what comes to mind when I see Sarah M.’s dragon masks. They look like they’re right out of a storybook. She’s been drawing all her life and eventually turned her skills to crafting masks from leather.

She kept working and incorporating more pieces of leather until she was able to make a mask like the one you see in the above photo. The scales are individually tooled into the leather and stitched on, and she says, “Each mask takes a ridiculously long time.” The finished product is proof of all the time and effort – her masks are absolutely stunning. And yes, it seems that she does take commissions.

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maisie cow

Looking at this picture of Maisie Williams taken “many years ago”, I can totally see that Arya’s mischievous side is more Maisie than GRRM.

She tweeted this picture of her standing next to someone in a cow costume the other day and the Internet seems quite taken with it, as we all should be.

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DC Comics is going to let us all pretend we’re Batman as a part of his 75th Anniversary celebration. On July 23rd they’ll be giving out masks and capes along with releasing an updated version of Detective Comics #27. It features Batman’s first appearance and has been redone by Batman historian Chip Kidd, with a script by former Justice League writer Brad Meltzer. It will be available free online or you can pick it up in your local comic shop along with the 75th Anniversary cape and one of four masks designed by Ryan Sook.

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