star wars backpack 1

She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts… actually, this Millennium Falcon backpack can’t be called a hunk of junk. It’s a cool new design from Bioworld featuring the iconic spaceship, and it’s even got the Rebel Alliance symbol on the back.

And it’s not their only new Star Wars backpack! They’ve also got a classy Boba Fett backpack and a Chewbacca messenger style backpack. How many bags is too many for me to own?

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Sure, Carnage is a psychopath and one of Spider-Man’s most terrifying enemies, but his overall look is actually pretty cool. So, if you’re looking to tap into your inner supervillain, you’ll probably want to pick up this official Carnage hoodie.

It’s made from cotton and polyester, and it also features a mesh mask that can help you achieve that genuine (and definitely scary) Carnage vibe.

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When handing out buttons fails, then it’s time to break out the Spidey suit. That’s what 32-year old Gaurav Sharma decided to do in his run for Parliament in India. He’s a former martial artist that once worked for the Mumbai police and now he’s hoping that climbing up buildings dressed as Spidey will help get him votes. Hey, there are worse reasons people have chosen for voting for a specific candidate.

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league of legends annie tibbers

Cosplay by Titanesque Cosplay.

Photography by Aperture Ashley.

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chell leggings and tank

Want to dress like Chell from Portal without investing in a jumpsuit? WeLoveFine has an everyday cosplay solution for you. You can pair their new Aperture Laboratories tank and orange leggings for an easy costume (just add a mini Portal gun), or you can wear them just because. The tank would look great with jeans, and the leggings would definitely work with a blank tank or tunic. I love the versatility built into the design of these two pieces.

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awesome shirts

If you enjoyed The LEGO Movie, you probably think these shirts are awesome. Everything about them is awesome—especially the price. They can be had for $11 each today only!

Product Page ($11)


This simply stunning Lady Robin cosplay features Eve Beauregard as photographed by What a Big Camera. Her costume is a sexy interpretation of Robin’s look and the setting is the perfect locale for catching villains up to no good.

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I wanna be like cap

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While I’m a big fan of intricate nail art, I don’t have the patience to try it. I can barely apply a single color of nail polish without ruining it. So, these new nail wraps from ThinkGeek were pretty much made for people like me. The prints feature cool designs like chainmail, roleplaying dice, cats, and book pages.

Each set comes with 14 stickers varying in width so you can choose the ones best suited for your nails. You peel off a top coat, press the wrap to your nails, file or trim off any excess, and add a clear top coat to make them last longer. It’s that easy. And, if you use a top coat the wraps can last up to three weeks. I can’t wait to put chainmail on my nails!

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tricorder purse

Whether it’s time to beam down to a foreign planet for your next away mission or to visit a new city for a convention, don’t forget your tricorder messenger bag! This Star Trek Tricorder Replica Small Messenger Bag won’t scan for life forms, but it will keep your essentials safely tucked away. Since it’s a cross body style bag, it’s sure to be comfortable to wear.

I like that this bag is a mix of stylish and functional. You could wear it with a Star Trek costume or incorporate it into your daily wardrobe. It has a built in mirror, and the front pockets even have replica details. The bag measures 8.75 inches tall by 6 inches wide by 2.75 inches long. That’s just enough room for the basics.

Pre-order now to receive the tricorder purse in June.

Product Page ($39.99 via Geek Alerts)