After a long day of robbing banks and beating up Gotham’s finest with a certain Mr. J, you’d probably like to head back home and slip into a comfy pair of pjs, right? If so, I’d recommend trying out this Harley Quinn Ladies’ Pajama Set. They feature an elastic waistband and cuffs along with glittery diamonds. I’m not sure if they fit the asylum dress code, so that might be an issue.

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new shirts

We’ve added six new shirts to our new Nerd Approved / Fashionably Geek TeePublic Merch Store! Head on over to see all of the designs and get in on the $14 sale.

Better hurry though. Today is the last day!

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As you could probably guess by their previous Zoidberg cosplay, the guys at Tested are big fans of Futurama. They recently made a crazy-detailed cosplay mash of Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth, and I have to say that it’s unnervingly realistic. We recently featured a picture of this cosplay, but now we know were it came from—and there’s video!

You can watch the entire process of making the mask after the break.

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The latest amazing costumes from Anovos are two new Imperial Officer uniforms that are now available for preorder. It comes in black or olive drab and is screen accurate to what was seen in the original Star Wars trilogy. Features include:


Made from 100% wool, military-grade cavalry twill.
Two hidden pockets at front for code cylinders (cylinders to be sold separately).
Double breasted tunic with snap closures.
Closed collar featuring eye hooks.
White interior collar binding included to preserve cleanliness of uniform collar.
Fully lined interior.


Made from 100% wool, military-grade cavalry twill.
Classic style Jodphur breeches with flared hip, as replicated fromscreen-used pants.
Fully lined interior.
Laces and lace holes at lower leg, as per original screen-used versions worn by Grand Moff Tarkin in A New Hope.
29-inch inseam.


Made from 100% wool, military-grade cavalry twill.
Lined interior.
Sewn-in sweat band.
Cockade (a.k.a. “Code Disk”) made of metal and magnetically attached, so as to avoid puncturing the hat fabric.

Although the belt comes with the uniform, the pins are available separately. These are super limited with only 30 of each color being made in this initial run so preorder quickly!

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Her Universe has introduced a new line of products just in time for the holidays. Whether you’re looking for something for yourself or for a gift for your favorite fangirl, there’s something for everyone. You can get dresses with Darth Vader, the TARDIS, and Captain America, The Walking Dead t-shirts with Darryl Dixon, and a whole line of Darth Vader jewelry. And if your favorite fangirl happens to be a little girl, then there are some fantastic t-shirts she’d love to find under the tree.

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dogs playing d&d

Dogs have been playing poker for ages in the iconic painting by C. M. Coolidge, but it’s time for a change. Artist Johannes Grenzfurthner gave the classic an update by turning poker into Dungeons and Dragons. The dogs have dice, character sheets, and appropriate snacks. Maybe we’ll see a real-life version of this parody on TableTop someday.

If you dig this shirt, now would be a great time to grab it. Redbubble is running a 15% sale on shirts and hoodies through Sunday, November 16th. Use the promo code “GETTEES” at checkout.

Product Page ($25.52 via Laughing Squid)


It’s hard to believe, but this is redditor vellie‘s first attempt at cosplay. Her choice was Roller Derby Nova from Heroes of the Storm. She just debuted her costume at this year’s Blizzcon and it’s a stunning first effort.

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olaf hoodie 1

Frozen is a powerful franchise. I get it. I’m head over heels for the film and its characters. That said, some of the merchandise is just weird. Take this Olaf costume hoodie. I want to build a snowman, not wear one. Olaf is best in plush form or maybe on a t-shirt. Not as a costume hoodie. At least, not for me.

Check out the back of the hoodie after the break.

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I don’t know about you, but if I turned a corner and was suddenly face to face with an Exo hunter from Destiny, I’d freak out. They just look intimidating. Cosplayer Erik Barclay, a.k.a. redner, built detailed replicas of the machines’ helmet and chest armor for New York Comic Con this year, and it makes him look as imposing as the hunters in the game. He rigged the helmet to make the eyes and mouth move, and he installed LEDs for the eyes that have three settings of brightness.

See more pictures of the costume after the break.

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Awesomely nerdy long-sleeve shirts aren’t easy to come by, but if you’re looking for something warm to wear this winter, today is your lucky day. You can choose from Captain Marvel, Miss Marvel, Venom, and Dark Phoenix versions. They all feature comfy long sleeves and a 50 percent cotton, 50 percent polyester blend.

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