This necklace is made to look just like the crack in space and time from season five of Doctor Who. It’s handmade from brass and measures 3″ wide with an 18″ chain and is sealed with museum quality Renaissance Wax to prevent tarnishing.

Product Page ($50 Geeky Merch via So Geek Chic)

vulcan tattoo

Though I love seeing any fandom tattoos, I’m always more excited to come across ink I don’t see all the time. Twitter user Claire Little, has a Star Trek tattoo I’ve never seen before. It says the classic “live long and prosper,” but it’s written in Vulcan calligraphy. Yes, she is awesome. Bonus points because the picture also features a rescue cat.

Tattoo by Sacred Rose Tattoo in Berkeley, CA.

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(via @isolinearchick)


This little Captain Marvel dress was almost an afterthought by Contagious Costuming. She accidentally ended up with blue fabric in the wrong color along with a whole bunch of gold satin and decided to whip up this costume instead of letting it go to waste. If only she would sell these on Etsy.

(Contagious Costuming via So Geek Chic)

mario split

Much like Jean-Claude Van Damme, Mario is capable of pulling off the most epic of splits. Don’t let that goofy mustache, affinity for mushrooms or that stubby plumber’s body fool you: Mario is one living, breathing, finely crafted machine of awesomeness.

Product Page: ($24.54 via Shirtoid)

crisis core tifa lockhart

This Crisis Core Tifa Lockhart Cosplayed by Narga-Lifestream is sexily on target. Nice shootin’, Narga.

Photos by TaisiaFlyagina and Dmirty Smirnov.

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dark crystal top

From time to time, Hot Topic features some pretty cool looking geeky apparel and this The Dark Crystal muscle top is no exception.

The lightweight sleeveless top has a sublimation print from The Dark Crystal on the front that features Kira and Jen, but also includes other characters and is quite pretty.

Product Page ($24)

sherlock shirts

Sherlock has begun it’s season 3 run here in the US. In honor of this momentous occasion, you can get two Sherlock-themed shirts for just $11 each! Better hurry though, the deal is good for today only.

Product Page ($11)


This Rule 63 Cable cosplay features cosplayer Nicole Marie Jean in a costume she designed and created herself. The end result is just amazing and she even put up work in progress pictures so you can see how she brought the whole costume together.

Photography: FirstPersonShooter, Jason Chau Photography, Ace

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muggle stockings

Here’s one for Harry Potter fans that favor short skirts and over-the-knee socks. I can’t find a size on these Harry Potter Muggle Black Over-The-Knee Socks from Hot Topic, but I’m guessing they’re a one size fits most sort of deal. Maybe they magically change size to fit. Then again, us Muggles wouldn’t know anything about that.

Product Page ($8)

cosplay mom

If you’re dedicated to cosplaying, you know it’s a lot more than throwing on a costume and going to a con. Dedicated cosplayers develop a number of skills as they create their looks. From makeup to hair styling, how to use the light to heighten effects and what poses best capture what you’re trying to present for a photographer.

Those skills and more are in full effect when a Japanese cosplayer with just 4 years of experience decided to make over her 54-year old mother for a cosplay photo shoot.

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