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Purse: Ali Fateh; Model: Aamina Sheikh; Photo/makeup/styling: Maram & Aabroo.

Steampunk is a unique, growing area of fashion that invokes images of a world where steam-powered technology rules and 19th century style mixes with goggles and gadgets. It has appeared regularly in creative cosplays and convention fashion, but the world of steampunk goes well beyond this and can seem so vast that it could be intimidating for beginners to figure out where to jump in.

Luckily a new book released last fall by writer and editor Katherine Gleason can help. Anatomy of Steampunk: The Fashion of Victorian Futurism includes interviews with steampunk fashionistas and groups along with over 200 color photos that, according to Gleason, will help develop and educate the reader on the steampunk aesthetic. Beginners, steampunk veterans, and anyone interested in fashion will find something to catch their eye in this impressive book.

Discover more beautiful photos, along with Gleason’s inspiration and tips for steampunk beginners after the break.

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Hello Kitty Armor 1

A Hello Kitty Expo recently took place in Japan, and the plethora of items on display showcased the popularity of the cute little cat. Hello Kitty’s whiskered face is slapped on everything—including martial arts armor. Twitter user Aya was at the Expo and snapped the above photo of Hello Kitty bogu. The armor is worn during training for the Japanese martial art of kendo. I’m guessing you can take the hits better if your head piece has a giant red bow.

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Managing the ship’s communications is tough work. When you’re off duty, you need to relax the stress away. Cozy robes can help you unwind; it’s a scientific-ish fact. ThinkGeek is here to assist you with a red, knee-length polysatin robe that’s inspired by Uhura’s uniform on Star Trek. It not only looks stylish, it has all the robe perks you need including interior and exterior ties and pockets. You know you want to go Starfleet casual.

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Ice Queen tee

While Elsa was climbing uphill and away from Arendelle, she accidentally wandered into the Land of Ooo. She received a fabulous Adventure Time makeover, made friends, and had adventures. Despite liking ice just as much as the Ice King, she still did not appreciate being captured by him and froze him into a crystal sculpture. At least, that’s the story this Frozen and Adventure Time mashup t-shirt design makes me imagine.

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vader hanger

Today in “I had no idea this thing existed but I kinda want one”, allow me to introduce you to these Star Wars Cosplay Hangers.

I have questions.

Do you use them to hang your costumes on? What do you do with the helmet if the hanger has a helmet? Would you be freaked out to see Yoda in your closet if he was that tall? Do you just dress the hanger and take it out with you for a walk?

Beats me. But they’re kinda cool.

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Trekkies looking to go for the whole head-to-toe Starfleet experience will love these Star Trek Panties. They come in Command Gold, Operations Red and Science Blue. They also feature the iconic Starfleet insignia on the left too. Oh, quick word of warning: If you decide to wear the Operations Red underwear the probability of you being crushed by a giant lizard man in a loincloth goes up by about 100 percent. Just saying.

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Every week it seems like video game apparel company Insert Coin is revealing a new clothing line we never realized how badly we wanted until they show it to us! The online retailer recently announced they’d be partnering with game developer Volition to create a Saints Row collection. The concept art shared on the company’s blog is full of the gang’s signature purple color as well as some fun designs inspired by Professor Genki.

The collection is still in an early phase so the designs may change before we see the final products, but the line is set for release sometime in early 2014.

Check out the full designs after the break.

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serenity charm

Take my love, take my land, but don’t touch my Serenity charm bracelet. I’m pretty sure that’s how Firefly’s opening credits song goes. At least, it would if this Serenity charm were available to purchase when it was on the air. The adorable sliding charm was designed and made by ThinkGeek; it fits on all major brands of European-style charm bracelets or you can keep it simple and buy the charm with a leather band. The ship itself is a lovely silver with yellow enamel highlights for the Firefly drive and blue-green rhinestones for the engine nacelles. Only one word for this charm: shiny!

See the details on the rear of the ship after the break.

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jink league of legends 1

Jinx, the Loose Cannon, looks like one of the brighter and more spunky characters in League of Legends. Something about her smile reminds me a little bit of the Joker. Cosplayer ShiSha Rainbow came up with a faithful interpretation of the character’s costume, and her expressions definitely communicate a sense of zany. I like it – especially the bright blue wig.

Photos by Wiebke Heffter Fotografie.

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who fighters

After the legendary band “Exterminate” came to a tragic end in the ’90s, some of the remaining Daleks reformed into the “Who Fighters” which has had a pretty successful run since 2005.

Grab this shirt today only for just $12 with free shipping!

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