Elsa lookalike 1

You don’t need to go to Arendelle to visit Frozen’s Queen Elsa, just hang around Florida. Besides the cast members that portray the icy queen at Disney Parks, there’s Anna Faith Carlson. The model looks a remarkable amount like Elsa, and her popularity took off when her mom took a photo of her next to a cardboard standee of Elsa at a mall. Carlson is now donning an Elsa costume to entertain kids and visit ill people in the hospital.

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Lara Croft

This Lara Croft looks ready to kick butt, take names, and save us all. Cosplayer Victoria Vaughn looks like the character from Tomb Raider and really went the extra mile by adding just the right amount of dirt and blood to her makeup. I love that she paid so much attention to weathering the clothes, too. It appears as though she’s been running around outdoors for days.

Photos by Kehshin Photography, assisted by Andrew Martin and Ariel Young.

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This perfectly creepy Silent Hill cosplay features Oshley Cosplay as a Pyramid Head and Kayla Rose Cosplay as a Nurse. The pair were photographed by The Will Box at Northwest Fan Fest in Vancouver, BC. He took them out of the con and into the world’s eeriest parking garage to create the perfect setting.

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iron man leggings hula hoop

I can barely make a hula hoop rotate, but Rachael Lust is a hula hoop Jedi Master. She does all kinds of insane movies with a hula hoop, and I choose to believe the Iron Man leggings she’s wearing are responsible for her success. Maybe. She wears them in a recent video that’s basically a supercut of awesome tricks, and it is very impressive to watch.

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odyssey wonder woman

Cosplay by BevanMaria.

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Garrus 1

Garrus Vakarian is an intimidating character in Mass Effect, and his costume has to be a beast to build. Sarrah of Red Nebula Studios took on the task and spent seven months crafting an amazing Garrus costume. This might be the best take on the costume that I’ve ever seen, and even BioWare has complimented the creation saying, “If you’ve ever wondered what Garrus might look like in real life, wonder no more.”

Photos by Sam Mort Productions.

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Iron Man charity

Redditor IWasSurprisedToo recently embraced every facet of the superhero persona when he donned his Iron Man armor. He appeared at an event for disabled children and children with Down’s Syndrome called the Teen Tastic Fishing Derby. The event is hosted by Gigi’s Playhouse of Fox River Valley, and this is the second year Iron Man has attended. He gave hugs, high-fives, and spread smiles to kids who need a boost. You rock, Iron Man.

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borderland scooter

Cosplay by Its-Raining-Neon.

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UPDATE: It’s come to our attention that this design was created by tumblr user purplekecleon and Poprageous used it for their dress without permission from the artist. The dress has since been removed from sale.

Get stylish with just about every Pokémon creature in the Pokédex by wearing this skater dress from Poprageous. It’s covered with pocket monsters, but you don’t have to be a trainer to rein them in. You do have to be prepared to deal with an intense amount of cuteness though.

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vi lol 1

In League of Legends, the champion Vi has a couple of different skins and one of them is an Officer. Cosplayer Lisa Lou Who wore a costume based on the look and is a dead ringer for the character. I wouldn’t challenge her to a fight.

Photos by JwaiDesign Photography.

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