Mohamed Sanu, a wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals, recently showed off his awesome new Joker-inspired cleats. The shoes, designed and painted by KreativeCustomKicks, feature an image of the Joker from The Dark Knight on one side, and the Joker’s famous quote “Why so serious?” on the other.

But that’s not all of the nerdy cleats Sanu owns. As you can see below, he also has a pair of Dragon Ball Z-themed cleats.

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The Seiko Giugiaro 7A28-7000 is going to be reissued for a limited run, so now you can accessorize like everyone’s favorite xenomorph-busting heroine for a fairly affordable price.

The watch had a futuristic look thanks to car designer Giorgetto Giugiaroto, which made it perfect for the 1986 film Aliens. It features a distinctive panel with large chronograph buttons on one side.

After noticing that Ripley wore the watch in the film, fans jumped at the opportunity to snag one. An original watch–Seiko initially launched the line in 1983–can still be purchased online from collectors on eBay, usually for a grand or so (though the watches are rarely in mint condition).

The company plans on releasing two new versions of the classic watch: the Seiko Spirit Smart SCED037 (black version) and the SCED035 (grey version). The new watch isn’t exactly like the old 7A28-7000 however. The SCED035 (gray) doesn’t have the crown, and it’s missing a button on the left side of the case. Still, it will be priced at a more reasonable $260 to $290.

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force awakens tattoo

Well, the first one we’ve seen anyway.

It’s the work of Chris Jones Tattoo. If I’m the dude with the tattoo, I would be spending every waking moment until the premiere hoping that this movie doesn’t suck.

Check out the Instagram post below for more details.

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sailor moon fashion top

While dressing in Sailor Moon cosplay is cool, here’s a way to dress like Usagi and her friends in their regular life. Korean clothing shop Kuchi Machi posted some great pics to their Instagram of models wearing some casual Sailor Moon-inspired styles from the ’90s.

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I have no idea why someone thought we needed super intense Wonder Woman boot style slippers with pom poms, but I have to admit that I kind of want them.

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I’ll be honest, the second I checked out Musterbrand’s website, I wanted EVERYTHING. Then I saw the Star Wars limited edition items and started planning a bank robbery (shh, don’t tell).

These Star Wars jackets and coats have amazing detail and the designs are sleek. The Sith coat, for example, has a gorgeous lining with a picture of the Death Star. Plus, everything but the Skywalker jacket are available in women’s sizes.

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halo 5 kelly cosplay

Today in “Cosplayers will never cease to amaze me”, we have DeAnna Davis aka It’s Raining Neon as Kelly 087 from Halo 5.

Everything about this cosplay is just badass.

Here’s what she had to say about it on her Facebook page:

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Everyone knows that stepping on a Lego brick with bare feet is the worst kind of pain. However, it seems that Lego has finally acknowledged the problem with these anti-Lego slippers that feature extra protective padding.

The slippers were created as part of a collaboration between Lego and ad agency Brand Station for a holiday promotion. Unfortunately, only 1500 pairs will be produced, but they are being randomly given away to people that create a wish list on the Lego France website.

Not to worry though. Even if you don’t secure a pair, these Lego slippers would probably be a suitable replacement.

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These socks just made me laugh.

In a world where socks have capes, these rabbit-eared Louise versions are just the best.

Product Page ($10)


Did you know Indonesia has their own Comic-Con? I didn’t. Indonesia Comic-Con happened this past weekend where Marnova unveiled some of their upcoming Star Wars shoes and bags.

As far as we can tell, there are matching shoe and bag sets for C-3PO, R2-D2, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Chewbacca and a Stormtrooper.

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