Death Star Teaser (1)

The Star Wars collection at Irregular Choice just keeps getting bigger and better and crazier.

Their newest reveal, these Empire-themed Death Star heels, will be available for order on October 30th.

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Seven-year old Daniel suffers from cystic fibrosis which is a rare genetic disease that causes mucus to build up in the lungs, pancreas and other organs. He has a permanent port on his chest (port-a-cath) much like the arc reactor of Tony Stark.

Daniel’s mom says that Iron Man helps him face his illness and the bullies that make fun of him for it. He wanted nothing more than to meet his idol Robert Downey Jr., and it seems that he’s about to get his wish.

Downey learned about Daniel through his Instagram and posted this wonderful costume photo to help cheer him up. Downey says in his photo response:

“When I’m in the dumps, I’ve found this little getup to be helpful. P.S. Would you like to come to the LA premiere of Captain America: Civil War as my guest? If so, have your people call my people. All the best.”

I just love this man to bits. Check out the wonderful Instagram conversation between the two after the break.

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Ally and Daisy are besties with a wonderful sense of humor. Back in September Ally and Daisy agreed that if they could get 15,000 retweets for the Minion tutu costume Ally found then Daisy would have to wear the dress to homecoming. Daisy thought there was no way in hel…oh she was so wrong.

The original bright yellow dress tweet got over 20,000 RTs, and Daisy followed through and donned a replica costume made by Ally’s mom for the school dance. I think Ally might be the evil mastermind in this friendship.

Daisy told MTV News:

“Since the original dress was for ages 3-8, Ally’s mom ended up making it from scratch!She bought all the fabric from [Jo-Ann Fabric And Craft’s], took my measurements, and ended up making it in about a day. However, Ally and I did help with the making of the eye!”

Check out the tweets and more images of her adorable minion dress after the break.

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star lord dog

As James Gunn notes:

First day of shooting and @prattprattpratt is so comfortable the second time around he chose not to wear pants to set.

Image via jabba_and_leia.


Fourteen-year-old Hunter Powers probably has the coolest Halloween costume in the entire state of Oregon. Hunter, who has spina bifida, isn’t able to walk. His mother told Fox 12 that “most people don’t even see him.”

However, a non-profit organization named Magic Wheelchair swooped in to help. As we noted in a previous post, Ryan and Lana Weimer began Magic Wheelchair after they created one-of-a-kind Halloween costumes for their own children who use wheelchairs. Now volunteers with the organization build custom wheelchair costumes for kids all over the country.

In this case, an art teacher and Magic Wheelchair volunteer named Jeff Watamura (along with his high school art class) made Hunter’s costume: a personalized S.H.I.E.L.D. Quinjet. He made the 12 hour drive from Visalia, California to deliver it personally.

Watch video featuring Hunter’s costume reveal after the break…

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We’ve seen some impressive custom Lego Boba Fett cosplay in the past, but Imgur user iqwerty built a spot on version that’s scaled up for adults. He also documented the process.

Using a CAD program to maintain an accurate scaling, it took him only seven weekends to design, construct, and paint the entire costume.

Well done! Check out the entire build process in the gallery after the break…

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ink mapping

This ink mapping demo by by Oskar & Gaspar brings tattoos to life with live animation. I can officially add “animated tattoos” to my list of most wanted future technology—right alongside hoverboards and dog translators.

Check out the video after the break…

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These Bags Are Spooky But Stylish


With my fav holiday right around the corner, I am pleased as punch to share this find of amazing Halloween-inspired bags. The designs range from skulls and spiders to colorful Day of the Dead artwork, with enough room to store all your candy personal traveling necessities.

The bags are the work of Etsy shop Working Class Punx. Each shoulder bag is 14″ wide 12″ tall and 4″ deep and includes two inside pockets, a zippered pocket, and cellphone storage. Crossbody and messenger bag styles are available as well.

And as a super holiday mash-up bonus, they have great matching macabre Christmas stockings.

Check out some of my favorite bags (and stockings) after the break.

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TJ Maggio’s eight year-old son wanted to be a First Order Stormtrooper for Halloween, but a typical store-bought costume just wouldn’t do.

Fortunately, this clever dad discovered that you can pick up the Jakks Pacific’s 48-inch First Order Stormtrooper action figure and turn it into a really badass costume.

Watch the video after the break to see how it was done.

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When grandma’s jewelry box and dreams of space exploration collide, super sweet embroidered galaxy jewelry is born. Etsy crafter Baobap Handmade hand stitches each planet and shooting star onto these mini black canvases.

The earrings are about 16 mm in diameter while the pendant is 34 mm in diameter and comes with your choice of a gold and black or a simple gold chain. Either order takes 3-4 weeks to complete, as I imagine charting out space onto mini jewelry is a very precise and lengthy undertaking.

Check out some more photos after the break.

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