It’s always fun when we have a new story and ring from Takayas Custom Jewelry and, if you’re a Sailor Moon fan, you’re going to really love this one.

Virgilio and Lauren are anime fans and cosplayers, so when they got engaged it was an opportunity to incorporate their interests into something unique.

When Virgilio asked Lauren to be his girlfriend, he did it with a Legend of Zelda-inspired necklace. When he proposed, they were at Anime Expo in Zelda cosplay—but the ring was inspired by something even closer to Lauren’s heart: Sailor Chibi Moon.

Takayas created this 14k rose gold ring with a pink tourmaline center stone and two accent rubies. They also include a subtle nod to Chibiusa’s signature hair bun clips and even a little 18k gold tiara.

Everything about both this ring and the couple makes me smile. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


Based on that famous slave outfit Jabba forces Leia to wear, this bikini is probably a whole lot easier and comfortable to wear to the beach.

The swim top is one piece and you have a choice of full or Brazilian cut bottoms. Both the top and bottoms come in sizes XS to large.

Product Pages: Gold Metal Swim Top $59.00 / Gold Metal Brazilian Bottom $41.00 each / Gold Metal Full Bikini Bottom $41.00

I so wanted to make an “Itsy bitsy teeny weeny Leia gold metal bikini” reference, but I didn’t. Oh wait, I just did. Sorry.

(via The Kessel Runway)


Just look at this Labyrinth Junk Lady cosplay (also known as Agnes) by Jen and John Yates from Epbot. Talk about one of those cosplays that just floors you.

Agnes took the Best In Show award at the MegaCon costume contest and it’s easy to see why. There’s seriously so much to love here. The amount of work that went into this cosplay, the detail, the little blue “Ello!” worm on the back. It’s incredible. It even stands alone when no one’s wearing it, so it’s a display piece as well as a cosplay.

Another thing that makes this cosplay so awesome is how interactive and mobile they made it. I mean, you really need to see Agnes dance in the video below. [click to continue…]

firefly path top


We’ve been fans of Firefly Path for quite some time, but damn…they’ve really outdone themselves with these Elegant Armor and Art Nouveau Tinkerbell designs. Take a closer look below. [click to continue…]


Ulther The Lightbringer has never looked so glorious. Cosplayer Piltover City Customs really brought this WoW character to life, and photographer Steamkittens‘ choice to shoot at St. Peter’s Cathedral in Adelaide, Australia, was definitely spot on. Check out more pics below…


I’m pretty sure that if a robot uprising happens, it will be because of devices like this. Robots won’t tolerate feeding us tomatoes and washing our hair for long. Folding our laundry might be the last straw.

Indeed, the FoldiMate is designed to eat fresh laundry and spit it back out again in a neatly folded stack. It can even smooth out wrinkles. One item takes about ten seconds, so your entire laundry stack can be folded and ready to put in the drawer within minutes. [click to continue…]


Russian cosplayer TophWei has done a phenomenal job of recreating one of The Witcher 3‘s characters, Ciri, both in appearance and attitude as she avails herself of the services of her local tavern. Check out the full gallery, with photographs by Victoria Milligan, below. [click to continue…]



I don’t know about you, but yearbook and school picture days were the worst for me. No matter how hard you tried to look good and smile, something would be off—your hair, your mouth, some weird thing your eyes did when you looked at the camera, etc.

Reddit user davidhusslebee and four of his friends decided to turn the odds in their favor by wearing one of the most offensive yellow shirts they could find.

Instead of just being a one and done, more students figured out what Dave and his friend were up to and, next thing you know, more kids are taking pictures in this same yellow shirt.

It’s like an ugly yellow shirt virus that just kept going.

In the end, 50 students and even some teachers got in one the action. It may have started as a prank, but it turned into some of the coolest yearbook photos I’ve ever seen.

Hats (or shirts) off to you, Dave. Well played. Check out more pics after the break…

anime eyes

If you’re into anime cosplay, Winnie Yap will teach you everything you need to know about getting the right look for your eyes. Her techniques go way beyond color contacts to include makeup and eyebrows.

Check out some of her tutorial videos below. [click to continue…]

ferngully cosplay

…but when we do it’s magnificent. We’re not sure who the cosplayers are at this point—but bravo.

(via Reddit)