Armor can be clunky and uncomfortable, so why not fly casual in this Star Wars Boba Fett dress by Her Universe?

Product Page ($34.50)

Oh, and if you need a backpack, this one and this one are pretty good options when pairing with this dress.


As you can see, Russian cosplayer Tniwe absolutely kills it with her Zero Suit Samus.

But this is just a taste. Check more gorgeous pics by Aku after the break…

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stargate jewelry top

Inspired by the sci-fi classic Stargate, Etsy artisan Olga Volodina has created stunning silver jewelry that includes an Anubis pendant and a brilliant ear cuff, a pendant of Horus, and the Stargate itself.

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Jabba wouldn’t stand a chance against these slave Leia Disney princesses. Elsa, Belle, Mulan, and  Pocahontas may be in chains, but these beauties are a fierce mash-up force.

Photography: York in a Box
Elsa: Ashlynne Dae
Belle: Elizabeth Rage
Mulan: Rian Synnth
Pocahontas: Hendo

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It may not be made for fighting crime or keeping you safe from the elements, but this Captain America corset can help save your next cosplay if you’re looking for something on the fun and sexy side.

It would also be interesting to see how it might look with a long skirt and an updo. That may be a bombshell cosplay waiting to happen.

Product Page ($34.50)


This photo of a guy rocking an tiny fedora tribly on top of a bun is being hailed as a new fashion trend. WAT.

The Capitol Hill Seattle Community Blog claims this is what’s trending for “Hill male fashion.” But there doesn’t seem to be any visual confirmation of this trend taking place in the wild. Fashion magazine Styleite reached out Capitol Hill for a comment and their spokesperson responded:

“I myself haven’t seen this in person but our community posts submitted by site readers are often out in front on trends.”

Here’s hoping that the man bun tribly is the hipster equivalent of Bigfoot.

final fantasy wedding

Grace and Chris took their fandom and relationship to a whole new level with their Final Fantasy-themed wedding. The entire wedding party cosplayed as characters from the series and the newlyweds even made FAQs to help non-gamer guests.

The cosplay included the bride dressed in Princess Garnet’s coronation gown from FFIX, the bridesmaids dresses were inspired by white mages from FFIII & FFV, Chris and the groomsmen played characters from FF Type-0, the ring bearers rented suits inspired by Turks from FFVII, and there was littlest Aerith flower girl from Crisis Core.

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The couple said their wedding was the “Happiest Day of [their] lives!! No phoenix downs needed!!”

Check out the video of their special day after the break.

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These crazy wedges tell ye an old tale of pirates, sea monsters, and extreme fashion. Inspired by rockabilly, pinup, and horror, Etsy shop Zombie Peepshow fabricates this shipwreck-themed shoe with a holographic finish, giant anchor, tentacles, assorted crystals, steel spikes, and large mounted ships.

They can’t be easy to walk in, so best leave your landlubber legs at home. And if these shoes weren’t already awesome enough, you have to option to add bright LED lights inside the ships.

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tardis barrowman

John Barrowman showed up at his DragonCon panel as a sexier TARDIS than The Doctor’s Wife.

Not only did he pair his TARDIS dress with a lovely pair of red heels, but he made sure to come out and give a twirl and a leg kick. It was spectacular.

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The Star Wars: The Force Awakens merchandise just keeps popping up and so much of it looks freakin’ awesome. Gotta love that stormtrooper sublimation.

Plus, 80sTees is offering 20% off if you’re willing to be patient with a pre-order.

But that’s not all! There are additional designs after the break.

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