We have a shirt store full of nerdy designs from the best independent artists and they’re all on sale for just $14 this week!

Seriously—all of them. In fact, the prices of everything have been slashed:

-T-Shirts – $14
-Tanks – $18
-Kids Tees – $14
-Hoodies – $35
-Crew necks – $30
-Prints and Canvas 25% Off

We have added lots of new designs, so head on over to the store and grab your favorites at a discount while you still can!


Sail the seven seas at your own risk for there be Krakittens that feast on ships and sailors alike. This historically accurate t-shirt painting captures one of the most feared and furry creatures to ever have existed. Only the luckiest of seamen riding under a red sky at night can hope to escape its clutches. And by red sky of course I mean a laser pointer.

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Fairy tales never looked sweeter than they do through the eyes of Etsy artisan LaliBlue. Each classic story is told through a whimsical paper pop-up diorama nestled in a wooden sculpture. Her imaginative pendants depict childhood favorites like Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Pinocchio, Alice in Wonderland, and more.

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wonder woman cosplay

Cosplay photos like this one aren’t easy to pull off (unless you have a brawny Misty cosplayer to help out). Kudos to Joanna Mari not only for nailing the pic (with the help of photographer HLXdsgns), but for her amazing work on the Wonder Woman costume.

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goku varsity jacket

Etsy seller Player1clothing has added a Dragon Ball-themed varsity jacket to their collection of wares and it’s pretty fantastic. A bit more subtle than this hoodie, that’s for sure.

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vader luggage

My guess is that Darth Vader luggage will get you singled out for a more thorough search every time. That having been said, if you want to slide through security quickly, you’ll probably want to go with the R2-D2 version.

The Star Wars Darth Vader Rolling Luggage is the right choice for either your carry-on luggage or the bag you check. Everybody has a black bag at the baggage carousel. Only yours is black because it belongs to the Dark Side. The Star Wars Darth Vader Rolling Luggage holds all your underwear, shirts, socks, toothbrush, asthma inhaler, and everything else you need on your travels. It’s got a telescoping handle and 360° swivel wheels for quick maneuvering in any air, sea, or spaceport you happen to be travelling to (or from). Just make sure you leave anything questionable at home. Vader’s space stations aren’t known for having the best of records with regards to explosives, and we don’t want you stopped by the TSA.

I only wish it would play The Imperial March every time the wheels started turning.

Product Page ($79.99)


The Fly Pry is a small titanium multi-tool that works as a can opener, a hex bit adapter, box cutter, bottle opener and more. Basically, it’s the most useful zipper pull ever.

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Crotchet is one of the first skills required in evil mastermind training. Oh you didn’t know? I’m glad we had this talk.

While you’re waiting for your real army of minions, you can crochet slippers and bags to look like the adorable little goggle-wearing workers. Check out more knitted cuties after the break.

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Forget the high heels, these T-Rex earrings from FantasticWho are vastly more appropriate for a trip to Jurassic World.

It looks like a dino got shoved right through your ear, but the clever design lets the top and bottom screw together to complete the illusion of gauged ears. The earrings come in silver, grey, bronze, gold, and black—and for $3.00 a pop, so you could start a dino jewelry park of your own.

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Sure As Sherlock [T-Shirt]

sherlock shirt

This Sherlock-inspired screen print is almost as stylish as Watson’s mustache.


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