There’s a lot of great Wonder Woman cosplay out there right now, and Anna Faith‘s version is among the best we’ve seen. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]

From Nerd Approved: This particular crochet chemistry set is the work of amenagerieofstitches who may or may not add the patterns to her Etsy store sometime in the future. However, if you simply must own an adorable collection of crochet flasks, tubes, beakers and burners, there are numerous ready-made options available

This Star Wars-themed top has several interesting aspects to the design. It has buttons and a collar, no sleeves, and a stylish high-low silhouette. It also features the First Order and the Resistance logos in a alternating pattern. The pattern is fairly subtle, but the cut and the color certainly aren’t. [click to continue…]

Loungefly has recently unveiled some fantastic Star Wars and Pokemon mini backpacks, and now they’ve unveiled a cute Disney Princess design with a minimalist eyes and lips pattern. [click to continue…]

Here’s Jessica aka Maid Of Might expertly cosplaying as Captain Marvel. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]

There are a lot of sites out there that sell unlicensed Star-Lord jackets, but Anovos has swooped in with their official, high-end Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 model. As with all of Anovos’ stuff, accuracy is key. [click to continue…]

Canadian tabletop game company Dyskami Publishing Company has partnered with Toei Animation Inc. for an official line of games based on Sailor Moon Crystal. Two games have been announced so far, with additional titles coming in 2018. Read more on Nerd Approved


As you’ll see in these photos, cosplayer Luna Crow has put together one hell of a Captain Amari. We’re just going to add it to the growing list of movie-quality Overwatch cosplay that we’ve featured over the last year. [click to continue…]

From That’s Nerdalicious: Look at how pretty/adorable this ‘Star Wars’ AT-AT mug is! If there ever was a mug worthy of some spectacular Star Wars latte art, it’s this one.

Star Wars AT-AT Pinache Ceramic Mug ($12.99)

We’ve seen a big uptick in nerdy activewear options in recent years, and Wonder Woman is a popular theme. The new DC Comics Activewear line from Her Universe has some fine examples, and this sporty crop top / shorts / joggers combo is another. [click to continue…]