This pink T-Rex crossbody bag is delightful in all sorts of ways. Odds are you want it right this second, but you’re worried about how much it will cost—you know, because it’s a Kate Spade bag. Yes, it isn’t cheap at $227, but that is $151 off the original price. This is probably as good as it will get, so splurge while you can. [click to continue…]

It appears that the company best known for blanketing the earth in a layer of cute vinyl toys and plushes has expanded into the prop replica game. The Rick and Morty portal gun is a fine place to start—and they went all out with it. The prop is full-size and emits lights and sounds. Plus, it is available to pre-order now for only $15. See more on Nerd Approved

Elhoffer Design has launched a super soft cardigan with a removable hood that’s inspired by the sweater Neville Longbottom wore when he slayed Nagini in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. You will also slay while wearing it. [click to continue…]

We’ve seen some pretty fantastic Wonder Woman merch lately, and you can add this satchel purse and clutch from Bioworld to that list. We love the classic look, and a bag with spikes is always good. [click to continue…]

Captain America cosplayers and collectors that won’t settle for anything less than the best will be happy to know that a super-accurate version of Captain America’s “Stealth” Shield can be had for the not-so-low price of $679.99. It’s a limited edition of 250, and is 100% screen accurate to the shield used in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. [click to continue…]

From Nerd Approved: I think that this Bob Ross Funko Pop figure would have a calming effect on me. Bob Ross and Mr. Rodgers are the only two people that have that power—but I wouldn’t expect an official Mr. Rodgers Funko Pop anytime soon.

The Bob Ross Funko Pop figure is available to pre-order now with shipping slated for September.

Some might say that a Honda Civic isn’t as good as a flying broomstick, but you should have a decent amount of room to carry your deliveries. Plus, Jiji will always have your back thanks to this backpack (or, if you prefer, this cosplay bag is also a great companion). [click to continue…]


Supposedly, this is the t-shirt worn by the crew of the upcoming Han Solo standalone film. It turned up randomly on Reddit, so we’re not 100% sure about that—but it is pretty damn perfect. That is, unless you aren’t pleased with the possible title logo that’s on the front of the shirt… [click to continue…]

Naturally, his girlfriend didn’t want to be associated with him.

I’m not a big fan of pranks, but inviting a whole bunch of people to a party and only telling one person that costumes are required? I have to admit—that’s funny. Make that party a Christening? Legendary comedy. The costume he chose was really the icing on the cake. [click to continue…]

Who needs Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson when you have Knightmage? Like all of his cosplay, this Black Adam is spectacular. Check out more pics from Gwen Graham below. [click to continue…]