cyclops visor

Fire, ideally, belongs in three places – in a fireplace, in a grill, and far away from Southern California’s many forests and brushes. Of course, it appears Sufficiently Advanced didn’t get the memo, as they’ve only gone and made a bloody mask that shoots flames out of your eyeballs.

Drawing inspiration from Cyclops, X-Men’s fearless leader and occasional whiny crybaby (in the movies, at least), this helmet shoots two streams of fire in whatever direction the wearer happens to be looking.

It makes this seem like a sensible DIY project.

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Need I say more?

How about the fact that these cute ankle socks are made for grown ass women?


Darth Vader Ankle Socks ($6)

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Bandai figured out exactly what anime loving ladies want—and they just opened it in Tokyo Station.

The store’s official name is Otona Joshi Biyori and roughly translates to “A Fine Day for Adult Girls”. That right there is the best name I’ve seen in a while because it perfectly describes this store full of anime themed makeup, accessories, clothes, and other little things you NEED right this minute.

This is Bandai’s first “character beauty shop” and it’s targeted directly at women in their 20s and 30s. If you’re a fan of Sailor Moon and Hello Kitty it will blow your mind.

Now I just need them to open one in L.A.

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And they totally pulled it off. They even won best in show in the costume contest at Denver Comic Con.

In addition to our old pal Ginny Di as Ciri, the cast of characters includes:

Nicole Mangione as Cerys, JessoLaurus Rex as Yennefer and Geralt, AlyCat Cosplay as Kiera Metz, MacGregor Armory as Zoltan, Kayorijadecosplay as Triss, and Josh Randall as Dandelion.

Photos by WeNeals.

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tentacle stache top

Photographer Jessica Walker and model Leah Velocity show us the potential of Finger Tentacles and the Tentacle Mustache in the world of high fashion. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before we start seeing this look on the runways in Paris.

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upcycled ant man helmet

Ant-Man has a lot going for him: he can shrink down to the size of a penny, he can ride flying ants, and he’s got a kick-ass helmet. If you’d like to make your own Ant-Man helmet, then check out this DIY guide from Mikaela Holmes. It’s pretty straightforward, and it’s made out of some odds and ends that you might already have lying around the house.

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Tattoo artist Andrey Lukovnikow specializes in creating pieces inspired by multiple exposure photography. It’s like Photoshop for the skin!

Absolutely gorgeous.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to travel to Poland to get inked by the man himself. Check out more of his work below. [click to continue…]


I wasn’t familiar with CutiePieSensei‘s work before she sent us her cosplays of Supergirl and Widowmaker from Overwatch, but you can bet she’s on my radar now.

One of the best parts of my job is discovering new people and having a chance to boost the signal on their work. So, this is me doing just that.

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Or you have a really bad skin condition.

Indeed, these handmade tights from Etsy seller tinkercast make it seem as though you’re in the process of growing/shedding a mermaid tail. The colors of the silicone scales and the addition of glitter are both customizable options.

It’s actually a pretty brilliant concept. I would love to see a pair of tights completely covered with the design. [click to continue…]

other mother


This cosplay of Coraline’s Other Mother is the work of MissTrisi. You can check out another pic of this amazing costume on her DeviantArt page.


(via Reddit)