mad love

Her work has already inspired cosplays, so I’m going to be shocked if we don’t see this genderswapped Harley and Joker drawing by No Flutter called “Mad Love” come to life at some point (if they haven’t already).

It’s a gorgeous piece of art as it is, and prints can be had for $15.

Check out close ups on both Harley and Joker after the break.

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black milk clothing 6

Black Milk is rolling out some hot new licensed items in less than a week. Start saving your loose change now! The “Hot Mess” collection features several designs from the pages of DC Comics and the Harry Potter universe. You can choose from Harley Quinn and Riddler skater dresses, leggings, and bodysuits, Batman comics leggings, a slinky and sheer Deathly Hallows skirt, a Dobby dress, and a Dark Mark crop top. There are so many shiny options that it’s hard to narrow it down.

You’ll be able to order the “Hot Mess” collection from Black Milk Clothing on October 14th at 9:00am AEST.

See more items from the collection after the break.

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karen hallion

Inspired by the art of Karen Hallion. Send your cosplay pics to

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H.P. Lovecraft foretold that one day, when the Magic Kingdom finally crumbles, a terrible monstrosity shall arise from the murky moat that surrounds Cinderella Castle and will lay waste to the cities of man. I am, of course, referring to Mickthulhu Mouse. If you’d like to get on your new overlord’s good side, I’d recommend picking up this t-shirt. Who knows? It just might save you from complete annihilation.

Product Page: ($20.00 Boing Boing)

sailor scout 1

Sailor Scouts are fierce enough without armor. I certainly wouldn’t want to mess with any of the magical girls when they’re decked out for battle. Cosplayer Vivid Vision (pictured above) was part of an epic Battle Armor Sailor Scouts cosplay group including Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus.

Photos by Vivid Vision and Benjamin Sim Photography, cosplayed by Gladzy Kei Art & Cosplay, Jessica Nigri Fan Page, Andy Rae Cosplay, and Pompay’s Cosplay Page – Jessica Roh.

More images after the break.

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frozen leggings 1

Summer is gone, and winter is coming. That means it’s time to get Frozen with cute character leggings from Hot Topic. This polyester-spandex design features Olaf, Anna, and Elsa, and it would look wonderful with a variety of solid colored tops and snowflake accessories. Bonus points if you put your hair into braids.

See the back of the leggings after the break.

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gamora and nebula tee

Two characters have been notably absent from most of the Guardians of the Galaxy merchandise: Gamora and Nebula. Stores like The Children’s Place state that shirts made for boys won’t feature the sisters because they’re girls. Happily, we have Her Universe to fill the void. This shirt will be available soon – likely premiering at New York Comic Con next weekend.

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little shaun of the dead

Send your cosplay pics to

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halloween lips 6

Halloween is only a few weeks away, and that means it’s time to carve pumpkins and figure out costumes. If you don’t want to mess with pulling together a head to toe outfit this year, you can just dress up your eyes or your lips.

Makeup artist Eva Senín Pernas has some gorgeous examples of lip art creations that are themed for the holidays. She’s painted lips to look like a Jack O’Lantern, a witch, cats in a graveyard, and more. I’m amazed by how much detail she can include in such a small amount of space.

See more photos of the art after the break.

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Smartwatches are the wave of the future, so it’s a little odd to see the Windows 95 logo appear on one. The credit goes to 16-year old Corbin Davenport who, for reasons no one will ever understand, did this to his Samsung Gear Live smartwatch. It’s accomplished with emulator software available for Android and it’s sure to turn your smartwatch in to the envy of, um, well, find someone still stuck in the ’90s and they’ll be super impressed.

See the video after the break.

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