pokeball skirt

Etsy seller oxygenimpulse has some cute skater skirts in her shop—including this all over Poke Ball print.

But that’s not all!

Check out some equally cute game controller and sushi versions after the break…

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The “Giant Robot Cap” is standard issue for every Gundam pilot to be worn on formal occasions.

Maybe they should rethink that.

Product Page: ($14.99)


Donned in Stormtrooper attire, Kevin Doyle walked over 500 miles to SDCC in honor of his wife Eileen Shige Doyle, who passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2012.

He was lost without the love of his life. They shared a passion for art and for Star Wars (both were members of the 501st). He tells San Diego Tribune:

“In the time since she died, I’ve struggled with how to deal with the loss. I’ve been self-destructive and my art suffered. Being out here, my mindset is an open book. I hope I find enough healing to be creative and work in that way again.”

Kevin was inspired to embark on his journey when he realized that the distance from San Francisco to Sand Diego was 501 miles.

“When you lose somebody, you look for things like that. To me it was like she was telling me that this was something I needed to do.”

This journey was not just a beautiful act of love, but also the means to raise funds to open a foundation in her honor, Eileen’s Little Angels. He hopes to transform her artwork into coloring book, bandannas, blankets, and plush toys to share with children battling cancer.

His story is truly inspiring. Check out more amazing images of his heartfelt walk after the break.

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Seriously how cute is this Sailor Moon Zodiac constellation dress? Etsy shop Kyocat hand makes each dress to order with a soft and silky Polyester/Spandex blend. The print features Sailor Moon’s planetary symbol among Zodiac constellations.

There’s also dresses in the style of Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Mercury.

Check out all the super cute frocks after the break.

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Do you want to make a fashion statement that says “I’m a survivor”? Then look no further than Demobaza.com.

Actually, the tattered jackets and pants would be perfect for a Mad Max or Walking Dead cosplay. The site has a ton of creative options for men and women to combine and layer for that perfect neo-futuristic vibe.

Check out more survival-mode clothing designs after the break.

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mega man helmet

They’ve finally done it.

Due to immense popular demand! There have been many attempts at creating a wearable Mega Man helmet over the years, but it’s never been made officially. Made of high quality ABS plastic with a high polish finish, authentic proportions and details, plus working LED lights! A unique clamshell hinge allows the front and back half of the helmet to easily open up to comfortably fit your head inside the soft padded interior for a perfect fit.

This is a high quality replica of the Blue Bomber’s helmet – perfect for display in home or office, but it also doubles as the ultimate role play accessory! Comes shipped in a decorated box suitable for displaying your helmet when not in use.

The helmet will debut at SDCC and become available for pre-order in the Capcom store sometime in the near future. If you’re planning on getting one, you’re going to need one of these as well.

(via Polygon)

ms marvel costume

This adorable little girl was so excited when she got invited to a superhero themed birthday party, until she realized the limited selection of hero fashion in her size. Costumes like Spider-Girl, Captain America, pink Spider-Girl were the only ones on ther shelves, and they just wouldn’t do. So her awesome Dad broke out a sewing machine and made her a fabulous Kamala Khan outfit.

On his tumblr page, Captain Milkshake (I’m am dying that’s so funny!) wrote an open letter to Marvel explaining how he made the costume and even included prices. He then goes on to appeal for more female-inclusive merchandise, something we’ve been hearing a lot about lately.

“When it finally came together, my little one fell in love with it. With hindsight, I’m glad I made it over buying one already put together, but I write this not as a rant but as a plea to make merch more girl inclusive. Ms. Marvel is an incredible concept who empowers a multi-cultural demographic and to be honest, this needs to be pushed harder!!!”

Well done Captain Milkshake. Check out the awesome full costume image after the break.

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little magikarp

This is almost too cute to process.

Kudos to dad for his Goku cosplay—and, you know, helping to bring this powerful cuteness into the world.

Check out the video after the break…

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ghostbusters-newprotonpack-wandspecs 2

Paul Feig, the director of the new Ghostbusters reboot, recently shared some pics of the gear that actors Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Melissa McCarthy and Leslie Jones will wear during the film.

Knowing that Ghostbusters fans have been particularly excited to get a jumpstart on making costumes for the new film, Feig shared pics with measurements for the pack and the neutrino wand.

Needless to say, it’s an awesome thing for Feig to do. It’s always nice when directors interact with fans this way—especially while a film is in production. It’s also nice to see that cosplayers are excited about the new gear. We can’t wait to see what you guys come up with.

Check out some more pics after the break…

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These solar system leggings are inspired by the retro glow-in-the-dark prints from our youth. And they do actually glow in the dark!

The galaxy design was hand-drawn by Artist Nate Crane for Etsy shop Make It Good Apparel, and features planets, moons, shooting-stars, asteroids, and swirling star clusters. They’re fantastic and nostalgic and should be super comfy with its yoga-type fabric.

Check out more stellar views of these leggings after the break.

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