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If there’s one thing Supernatural fans know, it’s that a ’67 Chevy Impala lovingly named “Baby” is just as much of a character as anyone else in the show. She has her own story and has her own inimitable style, so it’s pretty cool that fans have chosen to cosplay her.

But how do you cosplay a ’67 Chevy Impala with initials scratched into her, an army man stuck in the ashtray, and other small things that make her, well, her?

Just like these folks after the break.

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Inspired by the growth patterns of plants and animals, Etsy artisan Zoa Chimerum Jewelry crafts exotic fashion accessories using re-purposed materials from the electronics industry. Each piece is unique with wonderfully intriguing names like the Tchaikovsky Ring, Kuknos Remiges Earrings, and Nykteris Pendant.

The shop contains loads of swirly accessories including earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, and hair clips. I’m pretty sure that everyone you meet will notice them straight away.

Check out some of my favorites after the break.

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iron merman

Love cosplay and have a half-hour to kill? BeatDownBoogie has put together a video that pretty much has DragonCon 2015 covered.

Iron Merman sighting at 9:37.

Check out the entire video after the break…

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Over the last few weeks we have featured several crazy new Star Wars shoe designs from Irregular Choice. They’re based in the UK, and several of these designs have already sold out. The good news is that ThinkGeek has picked up some of the shoes in the lineup—including those Skywalker lightsaber heels that actually light up. Darth Vader, C-3PO and Dark Side flats are also available.

The shoes are available in limited quantities, so if you’re willing to spend the money, now’s the time to grab them.

Product Page ($167.99 – $322.99)


While we already know Her Universe is a great place to get fangirl fashions for Star Wars (not to mention other great fandoms), they also make some great stuff for Hot Topic.

That having been said, we have a few sneak peeks at a new Her Universe Star Wars collection that’s coming soon to Hot Topic.

Check out some of these sneak peeks after the break along with other new Her Universe Star Wars fashions…

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“I really wish we could sew his mouth shut again”.

We now have an answer to just what was going on in that Deadpool/X-Men picture Ryan Reynolds recently posted and it’s f*cking hilarious.

Never, NEVER let Deadpool babysit.

Watch it after the break.

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Have an idea for a tattoo but you’re afraid to commit? Good news! Momentary Ink will print any custom design as a temporary tattoo so you can test it out.

The temporary tattoos last between 3-10 days and range in price from $15 for a 4-inch design, $19 for up to 8-inches, and $21 for up to 12 inches. The company says if the temps are paired with their special sealing and matting solution, the design should look very close to the real thing.

This is a great idea for experimenting with different designs before making that final, very permanent decision. Check out more examples after the break.

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Made from real dragons! Actually, this awesome armored shrug is made from polycarbonate scales with a wool knit lining the sleeves.

Etsy shop Silmaril Clothing specializes in “scalemail for dragonborns” and these shrugs are my new favorite accessory. They come in jet black, luscious green, anodized aluminum, and even glow-in-the-dark.

Check out more pics of this fantasy fashion after the break.

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stormtrooper hair

This Stormtrooper is going to express herself.

(via Reddit)

baby mechwarrior

YouTuber theKylenator recently gave his infant son the most powerful weapon known to man: a mechwarrior suit!

Actually, it’s just a cardboard costume—theKylenator is wearing the suit, and he’s simply holding his son to his chest. Admit it, you were scared for a second there.

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