batman wolverine

The Stagmer Brothers take center stage in Man at Arms: Reforged. They don’t just recreate weapons from fiction, they mash-up the best of the best. In their latest episode, they put together two of the coolest superhero weapons: Batman’s Batarangs and Wolverine’s claws. The result is pretty much epic.

Watch how the combo is made in the video after the break.

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Cosplay by Illyne Cosplay.

Photo by Thibault Demorat.

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Now here’s how you throw an epic pool party! This fun photoshoot by The Will Box features group of League of Legends cosplayers ready to hit the beach or the pool and have some fun in the water. Can you identify everyone?

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This incredible nail art is the work of Break Rules, Not Nails who has designed the perfect nails for all you IT folks. What makes these designs really pop is that it’s not just polish, but polish combined with circuits pulled from old mobile phones.

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Jurassic park tattoo

Jurassic Park was terrifying for many reasons, but it especially got spine-tingling when the velociraptors learned how to open doors. Even just looking at this awesome / unique / hilarious tattoo gives me the shivers I felt while watching the kitchen scene in the movie.

We believe this tattoo was done at Jackson Street Tattoo in Seattle.

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assassin's creed cosplay

During the gaming convention E3, the makers of Assassin’s Creed caused a bit of a stir when they said there wouldn’t be any female assassins in the next game. Ubisoft’s creative director said it was too costly and too much extra work. These cosplayers at GaymerX are doing their best to prove Ubisoft wrong by pointing out how silly it is.

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i wish i was batman

Being Batman has its perks. I mean, there’s the tragic origin story and regular deaths of those around you, but you’d be rich and have a lot of cool gadgets. However, if you wish to be Batman, you probably don’t have the money or the fighting skills. This t-shirt says it all.

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peter griffin cosplay

A man dressed as Peter Griffin from Family Guy attended Allentown Comic Con in Pennsylvania last weekend and entertained the crowd during a break in the cosplay contest. He does some stand-up and is absolutely perfect as the character. It’s hilarious.

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malthael cosplay 1

The archangel Malthael of Diablo has a striking countenance. The reaper of souls is scary, and Sakura Flame didn’t have trouble replicating that tone with her wickedly awesome Malthael cosplay. I am amazed by all the details on the armor, and that she designed the ensemble in such a way that she’s able to move in it.

Above photo by Madaj Production.

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The three wolf moon shirt is a thing of legend, but now it’s even more legendary with the addition of Rocket Raccoon. Sure, you could say the whole meme is over and done, but Rocket Raccoon is bringing it back, baby! And he’s bringing it back with some mighty impressive firepower. What’s not to love?

Product Page ($25 Topless Robot via Fanboy)