The MCM London Comic Con recently took place, and the folks behind Glitch Visuals captured plenty of cosplay in action. They nabbed some fantastic action shots of costumes outside but also managed to match cosplay to the setting in some cases. For example, there’s footage of a cosplayer in Belle’s yellow ball gown descending an elegant staircase. Perfect.

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This fantastic double knit scarf has a Light Side and Dark Side in more ways than one. The pattern on one side is in dark blue and the reverse side is in white, and there are both Rebel and Imperial sections. The affect is just fantastic and it’s just in time for the cold winter months.

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underoos top

Underoos. You know them, you love them and now adults can get in on the fun. The newest styles are men’s Underoos and you can choose Captain America, He-Man, Superman or Skeletor.

I also found a few for the ladies if you’re in the mood to be Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, or Batgirl.

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worf uniform hoodie 1

Are you ready to become the Klingon Chief of Security aboard the Enterprise? Who isn’t?! ThinkGeek’s newest costume hoodie lets you dress up like Worf without channeling his grumpiness or applying prosthetics. The zip-up design is modeled on the two piece uniform used in seasons three through seven of Star Trek: The Next Generation. It even comes with a sewn on Klingon warrior’s sash.

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sabine helmets 1

One of the coolest characters in Star Wars Rebels is Sabine Wren. The teenage Mandalorian excels at using explosives and creating art while doing so. Her costume matches her personality, and thusly, her helmet is bright and artful. When founder of the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club Tom Hutchens heard the actresses who portray Sabine and Hera Syndulla – Tiya Sircar and Vanessa Marshall – wanted Sabine-style helmets, he got in touch with a prop maker who made the magic happen.

The finished helmets were presented to Sircar and Marshall at San Diego Comic-Con, and the women were also given honorary membership into the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club. And yes, the helmets are as beautiful in person as they are on the screen.

See a photo showing the stages of painting t he helmets after the break.

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Maybe it’s just my utter love for hedgehogs talking, but this shirt is awesome.

I mean, I never thought about it this way, but it is kind of true. For once, I’m not thinking about Sonic—just little hedgehogs fighting sword battles.

The shirt comes in sizes S – 3X and it’s in stock now.

Product Page ($18.00)


This officially licensed fleece robe will turn you into the Merc with the Mouth during his off hours. We figure this is appropriate because he would probably lounge around in his underwear most of the day eating pancakes.

It’s designed to look like Deadpool’s costume with a hood that even has his eyes on each side. There are also two pockets and an embroidered Deadpool logo on the back. This will have you looking the part, but the attitude and snappy comebacks are all on you.

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mario pipe

Inspired by the art of René Magritte, this “Not a pipe” design by AlexMDC puts Mario in a bit of a bind. Then again, this may just be one of his mushroom hallucinations.

Product Page ($25)

Grand Empress Shek'zeer costume

BlizzCon took place last weekend, and as usual, cosplayers brought their best and most amazing creations to the convention. The costume contest was won by Cosplay Py who spent two years crafting an epic Grand Empress Shek’zeer ensemble from World of Warcraft. Sadly, she didn’t quite make it to the stage to show off her hard work.

Apparently, she got through the judging room but fell on her way out. She got back up though, and the costume was 100% ready for the contest. However, as she was trying to get on stage, the costume prevented her from getting up the ramp. She explained the situation on her Facebook page:

Unfortunately, the second ramp was much more steep. When I did manage to hit the top, the weight of my thorax and bag legs (still on the slope of the ramp) literally pulled me off of my stilts. In the process I injured my ankle. At this point, there was absolutely no way for me to walk on in the costume.

Awww! She’s doing better and even managed to pose for a few photos in the costume. I’m glad she was able to take her masterpiece through the judging room before suffering injury.

Top photo by Geeky Red Cosplay.

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disney princess bracelet 1

Ready to channel your inner princess without wearing a tiara? Ferris has an entire bracelet collection inspired by many of Disney’s princesses. Each wrap bracelet is adjustable and made from charms, crystals, and other types of beads. They’ve got designs representing Anna and Elsa from Frozen (not both princesses but…), Aurora, Snow White, and many more.

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