This gorgeous Bumblebee ring comes to us from the folks at CustomMade who help bring all sorts of nerdy jewelry designs to life (like this awesome TARDIS ring). They work with artists and clients to produce one-of-a-kind designs, and this time around, they worked with me to make two sci-fi car themed rings. It was a super fun experience that I highly recommend to anyone that wants something truly unique.

That having been said, I’m not an artist at all, and am lucky if I can draw a stick figure, but these guys took my ideas and turned them into real rings that are even more beautiful than I envisioned in my head. Since I’m a nerd and a car enthusiast, I decided I’d combine my two loves.

The first ring is Bumblebee, my favorite Transformer. He’s made from sterling silver with raised gold plating and little blue sapphires for his eyes. The second ring is kickin’ it old school with KITT from the show Knight Rider. He’s made of black carbon fiber over sterling silver with rubies and diamonds to make up that little red light that zips across his hood.

Both are available exclusively through CustomMade and are made to order in the size of your choosing.

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The creative team behind Batgirl is changing up and the character is getting a new costume to match. Gail Simone is moving on with Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher taking over writing while Babs Tarr takes on drawing. Batgirl’s look gets a nice update with some chunky yellow boots and a slick leather (not spandex!) jacket that cosplayers will likely jump all over.

The first issue with the new look (#35) hits shelves this October. Check out an interview with the team on MTV.

(via The Mary Sue)


This stunning cosplay features Russian Annie-Forsait as Queen Amidala from Star Wars. Her costume and makeup are just perfection, and the location looks like it could be straight out of Naboo. Photography by Pugoffka.

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This redesigned version of Gordon Freeman’s HEV suit looks amazing. It’s the work of artist Daryl Mandryk who has taken the original suit and beefed it up with tougher armor that looks like it could fend off whatever comes his way.

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It takes a lifetime of training to become a true sword-wielding warrior, but it only takes roughly three hours of body paint work to sort of look like one. Case in point: Mr. Nagata from the Japanese comedy site Omocoro enlisted the aid of artist Hikaru Cho to paint him a sculpted, King Leonidas-style ripped chest. After several hours, quite a bit of body paint (and a haircut?) and the addition of some last minute props, Nagata was magically transformed into a hardened Spartan warrior.

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This fun cosplay features Tarah-Rex and she’s ready to play with dragons as Astrid from the animated film How to Train Your Dragon. It’s possible that big old axe weighs more than Astrid!

Photography by Micktography. Last Image via DV8 Props.

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sexy dinosaur costume

The “sexy” Halloween costume designs always seem to get more outrageous each year, and 2014′s on track to be bizarre. Yandy is selling a sexy dinosaur ensemble. Seriously. As you can see, it’s a vaguely scaley mini dress with matching gloves and a headpiece. The only response I have to this is: nope, nope, nope.

Product Page ($69.95 via Geekologie)

mako cosplay 5

As a fan of Pacific Rim and Mako Mori, I love this cosplay by gorecorekitty.

Mako’s an awesome combination of grace and sheer badassedness, which I think this cosplay emulates perfectly.

Photography by Manny Llanura & Jason E.N..

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sailor scout socks 1

Don’t leave your feet out when you don a Sailor Scout uniform! These adorable socks let you dress like a Scout from head to toe. The five fuku designs feature Sailors Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus. Luna tags along as an added bonus. My feet are feeling excited about tracking these down and transforming.

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The Luigi death stare was scary in the game and a fun meme while it lasted, but now it has been given new life in the real world where it’s striking fear in the hearts of mortals.

This intrepid cosplayer at Anime Expo 2014 is unstoppable. Move out of the way, people. He’s coming through!

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