movie description tee 1

Get ready, obscure movie reference lovers because these t-shirts from Stereotype Design are made for you. The simple designs describe a movie with a single sentence, the release date, and the rating. It’s like Twitter-length movie summaries! They highlight films such as Star Wars, Karate Kid, Ghostbusters, and more. How many movies can you name based on these short descriptions?

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tentacle ring 2

If you’re into jewelry that makes a statement then jewelry designer Jason of Beverly Hills is for you. They make bedazzled everything, and this gorgeous wrap around tentacle ring is one of their most gorgeous offerings. It features diamonds and a memorable design and could also double as a weapon. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be available online, but you might be able to track the octopus ring down at one of Jason of Beverly Hills’ retail locations.

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90s wonder woman

Art by Jordan Gibson

wind waker shoes

Custom shoe retailer Bobsmade does simply amazing work when it comes to hand-painting shoes. We’ve featured their offerings in the past, and you’ll see that the company has done a fair number of designs from The Legend of Zelda. This brightly colored paint job features The Wind Waker, and it completely matches the look and palette of the game. They’re maybe the happiest Link shoes I’ve ever seen.

Place your order for a pair of custom Bobsmade shoes here.

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The HDD Watch takes a tiny piece of old technology and turns it into a unique and super nerdy timepiece. It’s the work of a Frenchman named Jean Jérôme who builds the watches out of obsolete Microdrives and even gives them hands that look like reading arms. He also created a printed watchband that looks like a circuit board.

The watch is currently up for funding on indiegogo where he set a goal of raising enough cash to build 500 additional watches. He’s more than doubled his funding goal with several weeks still remaining on his campaign. You can secure a watch for about $120 and have it on your wrist sometime later this month.

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Well, it’s not really “ugly”.  Actually, it looks like something Ma Cobb would knit just for you. Yeah, just keep telling yourself it’s a gift from Ma Cobb and not a design printed on a t-shirt. Then again, it is a limited edition, so not every Browncoat on the block will wear one this holiday.

Product Page ($14.95)


Harley Renshaw is only 5-years-old and he is facing the battle of his life against a rare form of cancer called neuroblastoma. The cancer is in his kidneys, neck, lungs, and bones and Harley is now being treated at Royal Manchester Children’s hospital in a clinical trial. He’s had over 80 days of chemotherapy, and he’s gotten through it all in part by wearing a special Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle outfit.

The Manchester Evening News reports that it’s actually the protective mask that helps him stay still during treatments and he says the TMNT decoration makes him feel stronger. He also has special “beads of courage” that he wears to help him keep his spirits up. He’s already had one surgery to remove a tumor from his kidney and now thinks of the scar on his stomach as a “pirate scar.”

He was recently awarded a Cancer Research UK Little Star Award, which honors the challenges kids like Harley face when battling cancer. Cowabunga, dude, you keep up the fight!

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I’ll admit, $350 for a mei tai baby carrier is absurdly expensive. But you have to ask yourself: how badly do you want your child to get into Hogwarts? With these awesomely nerdy mei tais from ObiMama, you might even be able to influence the Sorting Hat.

Each little Hogwarts uniform comes complete with a silk tie and Irish linen. Check out the rest of the houses after the break…

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100 years of beauty

If you look back across the decades, you’ll spot some very clear trends in hair and makeup styles. Cut Video took that observation and turned it into a minute long video that features the popular look from each decade applied to one model. I’d like to revisit several of these eras.

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geeky temp tattoos 1

Getting tattoos can be an addicting business. I want more, but I’m running out of prime real estate and don’t want to commit to covering more of my skin with ink just yet. Luckily, I have an alternative thanks to Etsy shop Seventh Skin. They offer stunning temporary tattoos that come in elaborate designs and look realistic. You can choose tattoos from Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and more.

Quotes, symbols, intricate illustrations that cover your whole chest – Seventh Skin has it all.

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