metallic temp tattoos 2

There’s a new way to dress up your skin without adding permanent ink: metallic temporary tattoos. I had no idea these were a thing, and I’m such a fan. The tattoos work like paper ones: you cut them out of a sheet, apply upside down to your skin, and apply water to the paper backing with a sponge. The tattoos are available in silver, gold, bronze, and black metallic colors in all sorts of styles. You can get arm bands, symbols, or necklaces. I think the arm bands would pair nicely with a sleeveless dress, and hey, these could come in handy for cosplay.

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Cosplay by 3dbdotcom.

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deadpool hawaiian shirt 1

Deadpool is what I consider a casual superhero. He’s a little irreverent. Or a lot irreverent, actually. This Hawaiian style shirt suits the Marvel character to a tee. It features Deadpool, grenade pineapples, and your standard flowers and fronds. I hope to see cosplayers wear this button-up shirt over their Deadpool spandex suits.

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sherlock coat 1

BBC’s Sherlock has inspired its fair share of geek chic fashion. One of the newest items I’ve seen is this femme take on the Sherlock Holmes coat by Evening Arwen. It would work wonderfully for a gender swapped Sherlock costume, but it’s also suitable for every day wear. The inside of the short coat is even lined with the now iconic Sherlock wallpaper pattern. Pair the jacket with Union Jack leggings like the ones in the picture after the break (from Gold Bubble) or a skirt or jeans or just about anything. It’s versatile.

Coat modeled by Scruffy Rebel. Keep an eye on Evening Arwen’s site for availability.

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assassins creed kid

An Assassin’s Creed cosplaying mom made a matching Assassin’s Creed cosplay for her son and the next thing she knew, he was sneaking all over the house.

While she says they haven’t gone so far as to get hay bales placed around the house, they did get some very fun pictures of the two of them out in the snow.

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bttf power laces

Science may have dropped the ball when it comes to flying cars, but those fancy Nike sneakers with the power laces are going to be a real thing that you can buy.

Last February Nike’s innovation chief, Tinker Hatfield, promised that power laces would happen in 2015—the same year that they appeared in the film. Speaking at a recent trade show, he confirmed that the Nike Air Mags complete with power laces will, in fact, drop this year.

Naturally, he was mum on exact release dates and pricing.

Nike first started teasing the shoe back in 2011 with promotional videos of the sneakers followed by a filing for power lace patent. They also auctioned 1,500 pairs of Mags (without power laces) as a fundraiser for the Michael J. Fox foundation which works on finding a cure for Parkinson’s Disease.

So, now we have to wait as much as 11.5 months to get our hands on a pair of Air Mags, unless someone has a heavily modified DeLorean we could borrow.

(via Mashable)

rocket raccoon hoodie

Watching Guardians of the Galaxy made me fall for Groot and want to be like Rocket Raccoon. I can embrace that side of my personality soon because Her Universe has released an epic Rocket Raccoon cosplay shirt. The sleeveless design is printed with Rocket’s orange jumpsuit from the film and has a hood with little furry raccoon ears. But the best part? It comes with a detachable tail. Ahhh!

Product Page ($31.60 via Her Universe)


We’ve previously featured this Peter Griffin cosplayer who looks so much like the Family Guy character that it’s a little freaky. Not only does cosplayer Robert Franzese look like Peter, he does a mighty fine impression of the guy with a spot-on voice and attitude. The following video from Boom! Big Pants documents Franzese’s trip to NYCC 2014 and offers a little insight into his portrayal of the character.

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This DC Comics Harley Quinn Heart Best Friends Necklace Set totally takes me back to grade school, except that we never had best friends necklaces this cool when I was a kid.

Of course, there’s nothing from stopping me from getting one as an adult and sending half to my friend. That’s one way being an adult is way cooler than being a kid. Plus, it’s a great price and a fun way to tell your best friend you love them madly.

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batdog and robin

I thought corgis were the kings in the category of pet cosplay, but I was wrong. Miniature dachshunds could steal the crown. Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund (he actually has a blog) and his brother Oakley donned Batman and Robin costumes and became heroes. They managed to leap into action and defeat a scary burglar without breaking a sweat.

Watch the daring heroics in the video after the break.

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