William Birkin’s second mutation from Resident Evil 2 is utterly disgusting, and this cosplayer managed to capture it perfectly. Not surprisingly, Twitter(er) Gai specializes in large suit outfits like this.

Check out more super gross mutated cosplay after the break. There’s even a video clip of the monster in action.

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This long sleeve R2-D2 dress is the new protocol fashion for Star Wars fans. Printed with the droid’s iconic white and blue design, this dress is perfect for a fall season closet.

Check out more of this super cute droid dress after the break.

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descendants giveaway

We’re giving away a box full of products inspired by Disney’s Descendants that includes everything from makeup and jewelry to earbuds to a lucky Fashionably Geek reader!

Head after the break for all the details on how to enter.

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These new tanks from her Universe give you three choices: Iron-Man for those days you’re feeling a little sarcastic, Thor for those days you need to feel like a Goddess, or Cap for those days you’re feeling like doing a little good in the world.

If they end up making a Hulk version, I’ll be curious what mood people wear that for.

Take a closer look after the break.

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The piercing eyes of Selene from Underworld are present in this amazing cosplay from WEEZE Cosplay. Photographers Rob Martin and Jerry Gonzalez captured the essence of this Death Dealer’s vengeance and blazing beauty.

Check out the entire photoshoot after the break.

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After a hard day of battle, Rei, Asuka, and Mari of Evangelion slip into a something a little more comfortable, like these super frilly bra and panty sets. Inspired by each character’s colorful plugsuit, Super Groupies has unveiled the lingerie line and each set is priced at 8,800 yen (US$70) and expected to ship in December this year.

Check out the full line of anime intimates after the break.

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“Heart-bangs hair” is actually a thing. Koreans are molding their bangs into upside down hearts and the trend is gaining fans from selfies posted on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Of course it’s not an everyday fashion, but both men and women are grabbing their curling irons and hair spray and having fun.

Just imagine how awesome this would be with mustaches.

Check out more photo evidence of this crazy curled hair trend after the break.

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This Vault Dweller from Fallout looks like she could totally ruin the Overseer without batting an eyelash. It’s the work of cosplayer Amiko-chan and photographer Dzeta&Aiger . Her costume, “dirty” makeup, and backdrop really brings this character to life.

Check out more stunning photos of this Fallout femme fatale after the break.

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Getting a tattoo can be daunting. They are a lifetime commitment, after all. Well, now you can have a temporary tattoo that lasts roughly two weeks, is made with organic, fruit-based ink that looks real, comes in a number of designs, and supports a good cause.

Brothers Tyler and Braeden Hanley started Inkbox and they’ve developed a system that uses ink derived from the Genipa Americana fruit, which has been used by the Embera-Wounaan and Kuna tribes in Darién Gap, Panama. In an effort to both give back and help keep their product sustainable, they also donate a percentage of the proceeds to The Darién Initiative, which helps out the local tribes and the forests.

So, super high quality temporary tattoos, from a natural source, that gives back to the community? When you add the fact that many of the tattoos are only $19, I’d say they’re doing something pretty cool. They’re also doing a Kickstarter to develop the technology to create custom designs online, so there’s a lot happening here.

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Fashionably Geek reader Mion W. tipped us to this mermaid photoshoot featuring Sofia Chang and we’re so glad she did. Absolutely stunning.

Photos by Pheonix Lin

Check out more pics after the break along with some words about the project from the creative team.

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