Fiora is a renowned duelist in League of Legends, and she’s so good with a sword that she’s always looking for a challenge. Though she doesn’t wear full body armor like a fighter might, she is completely covered in a striking costume. Cosplayer Byndo Gehk replicated it from the hair to the pattern on the boots, and it looks like she has some of the character’s attitude to go with the ensemble.

Above photo by Enchanted Cupcake.

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adipose change purse

Have loose coins rolling around the bottom of your purse? Remedy that problem with an adorable, squishable Adipose change purse. The creature from Doctor Who may be made of fat, but this wallet isn’t – it’s silicone! Known as the Adi-Purse, this two inch tall purse with a snap closure would be ideal for change or even a few hair-saving accessories like ponytail holders and bobby pins.

Product Page ($15.99 via Geek Alerts)


Hedgehogs are innately cute little things to begin with, but when you dress them up the cute is almost unbearable. These pictures feature Marutaro with a variety of paper masks and accessories that turn him into everything from Pikachu to Olaf the snowman from Frozen to a rabid angry version of his usual hedgehog self.

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gamorrean cosplay 1

If you’re going to cosplay a Gamorrean, you now have a bar set by CDN SW Freak over on the RPF that’s gonna be really hard to beat. Not only does he have the details down (snot, he made sure he had snot!) but he also has a soundtrack.

More pictures after the break (including a great photo from his first troop with the Capital City Garrison of the 501st Legion), along with a video of his cosplay in action.

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spider-man tank 1

The premiere of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is less than a month away. That’s definitely a valid excuse to by this colorful Spider-Man tank top from Hot Topic. The front features the hero in action in vivid shades of blue and red, and the back features the same image but in black and white.

It’s a cool design and even though it’s currently sold out online (it will be restocked soon most likely), you can keep an eye out for the shirt at the Hot Topic’s brick and mortar locations.

See the back of the tank after the break.

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Treasure Planet is one of those Disney films I forget about, and I really shouldn’t. Captain Amelia was quite the heroine in the story, and she was also beautiful with a cool costume. Plus, she was voiced by Emma Thompson.

Cosplayer Ryoko-demon put together an impressive version of the ensemble; she looks so much like the character that she may as well be part of the animated film. I’m especially impressed by the wig styling and construction of the tall, thigh-high boots.

Photos by Kifir.

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This fantastic Captain America: The Winter Soldier nail art was posted over at Amateur Manicure in honor of the movie’s release. Her goal was to capture the looks of Captain America (index/middle/ring), Black Widow (pinky), and The Winter Soldier (thumb) all together. The finished manicure is just beautiful.

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tree tattoo

Artist Jan Mráz brings his flair for illustration into his tattoo work at Bobek Tattoo in Prague. It looks as though the images were sketched onto the skin.

Head after the break to see more of his unique style.

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Even if you don’t live on the sunny surface of Tatooine, you should always don sunglasses when you’re in the bright outdoors. ThinkGeek has your back with six classy Star Wars Wayfarer-style designs that manage to be both awesome and subtle and the same time.

You can choose from green, red, or blue lightsaber shades that light up with corresponding LEDs, or you can opt to wear character sunglasses with designs based on Darth Vader, Boba Fett, or a stormtrooper. I’m partial to the Boba Fett design with its dark olive green, red, and yellow tones. It’s great new way to wear my favorite fandom.

See more Star Wars shades after the break.

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alpha flight cosplay 1

Twins Aurora and Northstar appear in Marvel comics as members of Alpha Flight, a team of Canadian superhumans. Cosplayers Slinka Whitney and James Hagarty of Ego Assassin cosplayed the characters and made the latex costumes seen in the photos. They look striking as the Canadian heroes. I’m guessing superhero powers would be necessary to get in and out of those tight costumes.

Photos by Paul Hillier Photography.

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