Pixar’s Monsters, Inc. featured endearing characters and an enchanting setting. Monstropolis was a colorful and friendly place that I’d love to spend a weekend in, and while I can’t travel there, I can carry a little piece of the monster city around with me. Production designer Harley Jessup worked on the film, and his concept art appears on a new line of bags from LeSportsac. The collection features the residents and sights of Monstropolis and is printed on totes, makeup bags, purses, and more.

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I don’t know about you, but I came out of Guardians Of The Galaxy wanting a Star Lord helmet and the ability to fight like Gamora.

Well, I’m not sure any amount of time or training could get me the Gamora part of that wish, but RPF member Helagak has created a Star Lord helmet that comes complete with build instructions and 3D print models.

He also did a 3D print model of Peter Quill’s gun.

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duct tape bat cowl

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guinea pig steampunk wings 1

SkyPirate Creations makes gorgeous accessories and costume pieces from leather and metal. They’ve nailed the steampunk aesthetic, and you can see it in the leather wings they made for their guinea pig Pulguinha. He’s wearing a tremendous set of steampunk leather armor and is ready to protect all of SkyPirate Creations’ merchandise.

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This fantastic Robert Baratheon cosplay features Matt along with his friend Adrienne S. as Daenerys Targaryen. The pair wore their costumes at MegaCon 2014 held in Orlando, Florida. Robert has his hammer at the ready, but where on Earth have those troublesome dragons wandered to this time?

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Here are the sneakers your inner 12-year-old demands you purchase right now. They’re designed to look like a triceratops and are currently up for funding on kickstarter with plenty of time to make a pledge and support the project. A pledge of $88 will secure a pair for your kids or you can up the ante and $99 will get a pair for yourself. Rewards include sunglasses and polos, but you know you’re only in it so you can have dinosaurs on your feet when they ship this October.

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batman harley earrings

Harley meets Batman for this fun pair of earrings from Hot Topic. The harlequin diamonds on the bat logo really do kind of work. I wonder what Mistah J would have to say about that?

Product Page ($5.20)

olava nebula cosplay 2

When Guardians Of The Galaxy director James Gunn drops in to comment with a “Love it” for your Nebula make up test photos, it’s a pretty good indication that you’re doing something right.

From what I can tell, cosplayer Karin Olava may well have created the perfect Nebula cosplay and she’s set the bar pretty high.

Personally, I can’t wait to see more of this cosplay out in the world. It’s so badass.

We’ve also got some pictures after the break.

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Kid Leeloo

Leeloo from The Fifth Element is one of those characters you never forget. The story combined with her personality and striking costumes blend to make a memorable movie experience. It clearly made an impression upon this little girl (or her parents). She makes a cute pint-sized Leeloo, and I love the expression of the guy dressed as Zorg in this photo.

Send your cosplay pics to

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nintendo belly warmer

Ever heard of belly warmers? I’m guessing most of us haven’t. The accessory, also called a haramaki, looks like a corset, but it’s design is intended to keep your stomach warm. It used to be worn under clothes, but Japanese company Hobonichi has been treating the garment as a fashionable piece of clothing. And now, they’ve gone geeky with them! They’ve teamed up with Nintendo to make belly warmers featuring Super Mario Bros. and Mr. Saturn. I think they look cozy.

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