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Does Your Tool Need Support To Stay Balanced?

I admit right here and now, when I got asked to write something up on the “Portable Support Tool Balancer “, my mind took off running with all sorts of cheeky comments about how bigger tools need balancing and jokes about certain types of underwear.

However, the truth is, my mind couldn’t have come up with it if it tried.

Allow me to present the wearable Portable Support Tool for Hedge Trimmer and Chainsaw.

The Portable Support Tool for Hedge Trimmer and Chainsaw is an innovative spring-loaded pulley system designed to ease the lifting, handling and use of heavy hand-held operating equipment such as gas hedge trimmers and pole chainsaws.

With its harness, this product reduces 95% of the weight of gas hedge trimmers and pole chainsaws from the operator’s shoulders.

I’m on the fence (hedge) here. I can’t tell if I think this is awesome, or if it’s a step too far. Either way. There’s video.

Now I just have to be good and avoid the sex swing jokes…

Product Page (Price On Request via Gizmag)


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