A Bunny Wearing Bunny Slippers!

bunny in bunny slippers

This is Albi Rabbit. He has a website, Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, Instagram and a bio that explains:

I am a rabbit that avoids hipsters and dogs whenever possible (they both scare me). I am adopted by my two servants, who picked me up from an orphanage called the Providence Animal League in Rhode Island, USA. Even though my ancestors are from New Zealand I consider myself a New Yorker. I enjoy digging, vegan food, ripping up rugs, and head massages. I am also a good listener and won’t ever interrupt your conversation.

He’s wearing bunny slippers! I’m doing my best to avoid the “D’awwww” here. I swear. I’m trying to not squee.


(Albi Rabbit via Neatorama)


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