Wonder Woman Has Cellulite Too

doesnt happen to superman

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but this combination of words and pictures in Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #20 by Alex De Campi and Neil Googe just said something that’s resonated with over 100K Tumblr users (as of this writing) in a very short time.

In the comic, Wonder Woman speaks all kinds of truth about the fact that no one ever asks her male counterparts who does their hair or what it’s like to be a male superhero. However, the thing that’s energized Tumblr is the fact that Wonder Woman has cellulite.

Wonder Woman has cellulite. Maybe that sounds like a silly thing to put in a comic book, but it’s resonated with people. We all have body image issues and, if even Wonder Woman has cellulite, maybe we shouldn’t be quite so hard on ourselves.

There’s something pretty cool and empowering about the message people have taken from the comic (plus that suit is awesome if I do say so myself). Head after the break to check out the panels in question.

wonder woman cellulite

wonder woman 1

wonder woman 2

wonder woman 3

wonder woman 4

wonder woman 5

wonder woman 6

wonder woman 7

wonder woman 8

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