Super Soft Texting Gloves For Less Than $7 [Deals]

texting gloves

If you don’t own a pair of smartphone-compatible gloves yet, here’s your chance to pick up a pair for only $6.75 with free shipping in our Nerd Approved Deals Store!

Your messages don’t stop when it snows. That’s why you need these texting gloves to stay warm while you stay in touch. They’re comfortable and cozy and one size fits every hand. They’ll work with every kind of smartphone and tablet so you can use your devices on-the-go even when the weather gets chilly.

-Works w/ most smartphones & tablets
-One-size-fits all
-Extra comfortable fit & feel
-Simple color & design matches everything
-Keeps your hands & fingertips warm
-Available in more colors! See drop-down

Texting Gloves ($10 $6.75)


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