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So, This Guy Cut Off His Nose To Look Like Red Skull


Henry Damon, a 37-year-old from Caracas, Venezuela, has gone to extremes to look like his favorite comic book character Red Skull. Like, EXTREMES.

He had the tip of his nose cut off by former medical student Emilio Gonzalez (who dropped out to focus on tattooing and extreme body modification). Prior to altering his nose, Damon had implants put into his forehead. Gonzalez told Mirror:

“I asked for a tomography of the nose and sinuses to assure me that it was OK for surgery. Henry aka Red Skull is a physically and intellectually healthy person. He’s an excellent son, husband and father, who has an extreme taste for body modification.”

Damon now only answers to Red Skull rather than his given name and is working on the final phase of his transformation by getting black and red tattoos on his face.

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