Meet The Beard That Kept A Duckling Warm And Safe

duckling beard 1

What happens when you buy chicken eggs and only one of them hatches and it’s actually a duck? When Redditor Spongi faced that exact scenario, he knew what he had to do: raise the tiny duckling. Since the little thing (named Peeps) didn’t have a mother’s wing to cuddle under, Spongi offered his beard. This proves that beards can do anything.

Peeps kept on snuggling and got used to the habit of sitting on its owner’s shoulder. Now that Peeps is over a month old, the duck doesn’t fit under his owner’s beard anymore, but he still relaxes on his owner’s shoulder. D’aww.

See more cuteness and how much Peeps has grown after the break.

duckling beard 2

duckling beard 3

duckling beard 4

duckling beard 5

duckling beard 6

duckling beard 7

duckling beard 8

duckling beard 9

As if all this wasn’t enough, there are three more eggs waiting to hatch. The beard’s work is never done.

(via 22 Words)


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