This 8-Year-Old Boy Got A Makeup Tutorial For Christmas And Slayed It

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More and more, parents are allowing their kids to figure out who they are without enforcing the whole “girl stuff/boy stuff” boundaries. Personally, I think it’s great.

That having been said, meet 8-year old Ethan. When Ethan made his Christmas list, one of the items he wanted was a makeup lesson. Apparently, Ethan is an extremely creative kid and aspires to become a makeup artist. Ethan already watches makeup tutorials online and he practices, but he wanted to get a lesson from a professional.

So, Ethan’s mom Season took him to the MAC cosmetics store to have a lesson with Emmy-nominated makeup artist Joey Killmeyer. The two hit it off immediately.

Joey did one side of Ethan’s face and Ethan did the other side. See if you can tell the difference. I sure couldn’t. In fact, other shoppers in the store asked Ethan to do their makeup.

Check out more pics below.




Speaking with Buzzfeed, Ethan’s mom noted that she couldn’t remember the last time she saw Ethan so happy or so confident in himself. She also stressed that many have misinterpreted this as a gender identity issue when it’s really about a boy expressing his creativity.

“This is a pivotal moment in my son’s development, and I know that by letting him just be Ethan, regardless of what others may think, that I am doing something right as his mom,” she said.


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