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Color-Changing Hair Dye Is A Dream Come True

We’ve talked a lot about crazy awesome hair color trends over the years, but what if you could combine most of them into a single hairstyle? That dream is now a reality thanks to Lauren Bowker and her company The Unseen. They’ve developed a hair dye called FIRE that changes color in response to temperature fluctuations.

From Wired:

FIRE is designed to be responsive to temperature fluctuations, and is available in multiple colour ranges from bright red to subtle pastels. The data used to create the dye stems from the process of thermoregulation in the human skin and the colour change chemical reaction occurs in response to a certain stimuli – in this case, changes in the environment. When the temperature drops or rises, the carbon-based molecules at the core of the FIRE dye undergo a reversible reaction.

Above a certain temperature change, one of the molecules in the carbon bond is more stable than the other, and so a reaction produces a molecule with a slightly different absorption of light, thus creating a different colour.

At this point, some of you might be asking yourself “will FIRE melt my head?” Bowker notes that the chemical formula uses “less toxic ingredients” and they’re “confident there will be no damage to the scalp, and no significant effect on the hair fibres themselves (no more then typical semi permanent dyes that is.)”

Still, The Unseen is still in the process of optimizing the formula and running toxicology tests before releasing the dye commercially.

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