Your First Look At Batfleck’s Tactical Batsuit In ‘Justice League’


Director Zack Snyder slapped a photo of “the new Tactical Batsuit” onto his Twitter feed yesterday. In my opinion it looks like a weird hybrid of the Batman v Superman Batsuit and the suit worn by Christian Bale in The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, with a hint of the Keaton Batsuit in the cowl area.

And then there there are the goggles.

Those look a bit goofy, but we don’t know the context for those yet. Maybe Justice League takes place in a future where big dumb goggles are actually cool as Hell! It wouldn’t be the silliest thing the DC Extended Universe had thrown at us so far.

io9 posted a lightened version of the photo, revealing some similarities to Night Owl’s costume from Snyder’s own Watchmen adaptation:


(via io9)


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