Jon Snow Goes From Cold In The North To Smoking Hot In Pompeii [Video]

Jon Snow in Pompeii

The film Pompeii is coming to theaters next winter (February 21st to be exact) and even if we all know how it’s going to end, it’s still worth checking out. One reason among many to head to the theater to see it is Kit Harrington. Yes, Jon Snow knows a thing or two and he’s moved on from the icy Wall in the North to the fiery city of Pompeii. He’s playing a slave who becomes a gladiator.

Let’s hope this showcase of Harrington’s abs translates to more shirtless Jon Snow in Game of Thrones (hey, there are topless girls in the show all the time – it’s only fair).

Watch the trailer for Pompeii after the break.

(via io9)


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