This Star Trek Bicycle Jersey Will Have You Pedaling At Warp Speed

Even if you haven’t ridden a bicycle since you were a kid, you are still going to want this Star Trek shirt. In fact, you might want to take up the sport just so you have a reason to wear it more often.

Space-age micro-fiber bicycle jersey
Wicks away moisture, keeping you cool and dry
Odor-blocking material keeps you fresh all day
Hidden zipper down the front
Accessory and water pouch in the back
Form-fitting for maximum comfort

It’s got the USS Enterprise on the front with “Space The Final Frontier” and the official Star Fleet logo on the back with “Live Long And Prosper.” This is the absolute nerdiest bicycle jersey ever and it’s fantastic!

See the back of the shirt after the break…

Product Page ($79.99-81.99)


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