Pair Boba Fett Leggings With A Star Wars Hockey Jersey


If you love Star Wars, you’re going to love these new jerseys and leggings by Wild Bangarang.

Their current Star Wars collection has a pair of Boba Fett leggings, a Boba Fett hockey jersey (which I really love), and a Stormtrooper hockey jersey. Both jerseys are currently available for pre-order and the leggings are made to order.

Head after the break to take a closer look at the collection.

boba fett jersey back close

boba fett jersey back

boba fett jersey fett

boba fett jersey logo

boba fett jersey side

boba fett jersey




stormtrooper jersey

stormtrooper jersey 2

stormtrooper jersey back

stormtrooper jersey logo

stormtrooper jersey side

Product Pages: Boba Fett leggings (£35 GBP) / Official Boba Fett Ice Hockey Jersey (£55 GBP) / Official Stormtrooper Ice Hockey Jersey (£55 GBP)


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