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Official ‘Final Fantasy XV’ Fashion Is Sleek, Chic And Expensive


If you’ve ever wanted to dress like a character from a Final Fantasy game, Square Enix and Japanese designer Roen are working together to make that happen. But there’s a catch, and it involves your wallet.

Because ouch—this sh*t is expensive.

The Final Fantasy XV fashion site went up recently, and it’s full of items directly lifted from or inspired by the upcoming entry in the immensely popular RPG series. Y’know what else is up? Their prices, which stretch up into the sky like a towering skyscraper made of… well, of your money, basically.


How do you feel about spending 91,800 yen on some cropped pants? Sound good? How about when I tell you that’s approximately $817? Maybe you’d like to spend 162,000 yen ($1,442) on something called the “Noctis Military Blouson Z”.

On the plus side they do have socks for 3,240 yen ($30), so there’s that.

The materials are top notch of course, but I’m guessing you could hit up your local Hot Topic and come up with similar outfits for a fraction of the price.

(via Kotaku)


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