Nanotech Suits Repel Liquid, Stains, Odors, And All Things Icky

Indochino makes clothes for men but not just any old duds. They are offering a new Ultimate Tech Collection that meshes clothing with technology. Gadgets are becoming a bigger part of our everyday lives, and Indochino figures that our formal wardrobes should accommodate the new accessories. They’re adding convenient features while also keeping in mind that people want clothing care to be simple—and their new Nanotech suits do it all.

The sturdy and stylish outfits come with an earphone hole so you can wind headphones right through your collar, and they also have an interior “touch” pocket that allows you to use your smart phone without fishing it out of your jacket. The coolest part about the suit though is fabric:

Using a blend of natural and technologically advanced fabrics, our Nanotech suits repel liquids and stains, and resist odors and wrinkles without compromising the breathability, or comfort of your garment. While this protective technology is transparent to the eye and indistinguishable to the touch, you will unquestionably notice a difference when it comes to the care and longevity of your suit.

What is the word for that? Oh, right – fancy.

Check out a video to see the technology in action after the break.

Product Page ($629 via CNET)


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