Complete Your Modern Samurai Look With These Hakama Chino Pants

chinobakama 2

If you saw our post about these gorgeous Japanese Haori jackets, we just found the perfect pants to go with them.

Japanese apparel company Kokichi has released an update on the traditional Hakama pants worn by Samurai with these new chinobakama versions (Kokichi also bills them as “Ninja Pants”) that are half chino, half hakama. Made of a 50-50 cotton/polyester blend, the pants include modern amenities like pockets and a zipper.

Kokichi is planning to open these pants up to international orders sometime in the near future, so you won’t have to go all the way to Japan to buy them. They even made a video that shows you how to wear them. You can watch that, and check out more pictures below.

chinobakama 1

chinobakama 3

chinobakama 4

chinobakama 6


chinobakama 5

Product Page ¥7,800 (approx $65 USD)

(via Rocket News 24)


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