Zelda Necklace Spiritual Stone Chain Necklace

Etsy seller “dweebishdelights” is offering this Legend of Zelda three stone chain necklace as part of their Ocarina of Time Spiritual Stone collection.

The dark blue Zora’s Sapphire is made from Swarovski crystals, gold Czech glass beads and gold toned craft wire. The Goron’s Ruby is made from a ruby red glass crystal, hand cut brass base and gold toned craft wire. The Green Kokiri Is made from an emerald green rhinestone and gold craft wire that is hand shaped, hammered, and epoxy’d together. They are dangling on brass chain which is closed with a brass plated lobster claw.

The total length of the chain is about 20 inches, but it can be lengthened or shortened upon request. Custom pieces are also available.

Product Page: ($45)


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