TK-421 Got A New Post In This Tiny Terrarium Ring


Yes, that is an itty bitty Stormtrooper in an itty bitty hand-blown glass terrarium globe. On a ring. For your finger. Have you ever wanted to cuddle a Stormtrooper so hard? With his blaster raised and mounted on a sandy surface, it’s like this little imperial soldier was just waiting to be scooped up into a bubble for your fashion needs!

The ring is adjustable as well as brass and nickel free. Etsy shop owner The House Of Boo says that each ring may have tiny imperfections since they are all hand-made:

“I feel that as each piece is totally unique, it adds charm and character that only handmade can provide.”

I agree that may be the first and only time that anyone from the dark side has ever been considered charming.

On that note. you’ll want to check through the store for even more geeky terrarium jewelry.

Product page ($23.67)


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