This Marauder’s Map Pendant Will Help You Manage Your Mischief


I solemnly swear that I just about died when I saw this teeny tiny Harry Potter Marauder’s map pendant. A truly marvelous wizard shop BeeHappyShop on Etsy makes the tiny locket by hand to actually hold a Hogwart’s Map inside!

The front of the locket is covered with a lense and the back is a thick paper with the words “I solemnly swear that I’m up to no good.” The pendant can be secured on it’s 19-inch silvery chain to keep close to your heart and hidden from professors.

After the break check out pics of the open locket and map.


I wonder if there’s unknown footprint’s in the map…


For a muggle, the artisan obviously took great care to stay as close to the original without the use of magic. Plus, the price makes it an absolute steal.

Product Page ($5.50)


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