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This D&D D20 Engagement Ring Story Will Make Your Heart Melt

d20 ring

Wedding proposals are general enough to make me say “awww”, but when you make it a wedding proposal with a Dungeons and Dragons D20 engagement ring (complete with chainmail ring box), you get all sorts of geek flailing.

Short version: Babelglyph wanted to find the perfect ring for her girlfriend. Since they’re both D&D players and she feels like she “rolled a natural 20” when they started dating, she wanted to make it something special.

If you plan to watch the video, I should warn you — grab tissues. Personally, I loved the comment “It’s okay, we’re all girls. We understand.” Love kinda rocks. Check it out after the break.

You can read the entire story in the link below and check out more of the pictures, including the original design concept drawings.

(via OffBeat Bride)


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