This Awesome BioShock Proposal Shows That Rapture Is All About True Love


As far as inventive and geeky marriage proposals go, this BioShock proposal definitely takes the cake. Three and a half years ago, gamer Stevie Kopas bought an unnecessary copy of BioShock from her local GameStop so she could chat with the guy working behind the counter. That love-struck GameStop employee, Justin Starnes, became her boyfriend, and this past weekend he gave her another, more personal copy of the game. He asked her if she’d seen the new BioShock game and he handed her something called “Bioshock: New Beginnings.” Inside the  case, there was a controller layout of her entire life (watching the Walking Dead and Have Existential Conversation About The Apocalypse were my favorites) and on the back of the case there were pictures of the couple. The instruction booklet also included the request: “Would You Kindly Marry Me?”

Just in case hypnotism didn’t work on Stevie, Justin made sure to also include a beautiful ring too. Here’s what Stevie had to say about the whole thing:

“On August 15, 2014, Justin Starnes asked me, Stevie Kopas, to be his wife. I am the happiest gal in Rapture.”

Check out the proposal in pictures after the break…






(imgur via Kotaku)


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