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Titanium From A SR-71 Blackbird Reborn As A Ring


Wedgewood Rings created a way to actually wear a part of the SR-71 Blackbird – aka history’s fastest manned aircraft (that we know of).

Using cast off SR-71 titanium ejector nozzles sourced from retired Air Force machinist and spy plane maintenance technician Dan Freeman, Wedgewood has formed a piece of jewelry that may have travelled faster than a speeding bullet on a top secret and thoroughly legendary aircraft.

As if this isn’t enough, the ring also features an inner portion made of wood reclaimed from the deck of the USS North Carolina, which served in every Pacific naval battle in World War II and is currently docked in Wilmington, NC.


Although several rings featuring wood from the USS North Carolina have been offered for sale, anyone wanting an SR-71 example will apparently have to source the titanium on their own and then have a custom ring made. It might not be as difficult as you think—this company also claims to make SR-71 rings, sans the wood from the USS North Carolina.

(Wedgewood Rings via Giz)


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