Sparkly Tiara Designs Inspired By Disney Princesses

disney tiara 1

Disney stores sell Disney princess tiaras, but they’re just inexpensive costume pieces with plastic parts. What if they made real gem or crystal covered metal tiaras for each of the princesses? Tumblr user Eclectic Charms has plenty of ideas for them. She’s designed a collection of elaborate tiaras and crowns inspired by the likes of Elsa, Rapunzel, Snow White, and more. She hopes that Disney or another official source will take interest and work with her to create actual products soon.

Check out more glittering crowns after the break.

disney tiara 2

disney tiara 4

disney tiara 5

disney tiara 7

disney tiara 8

disney tiara 9

disney tiara 10

disney tiara 11

disney tiara 12

disney tiara 3

disney tiara 6

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