Six Handmade Comic Book Themed Accessories You’ll Love [Featured]

Pow Necklace

Thanks to Etsy, comic book fans can own a plethora of accessories featuring their favorite groups and characters. The number of X-Men necklaces on the site alone boggles the mind. The handmade marketplace offers options that just weren’t readily available before, and it’s easy to make a giant wishlist of jewelry, bags, scarves, cufflinks – you name it. I’ve rounded up some of my favorites.

A sound effect necklace is a classic choice. You can get the one pictured above for $18 from GlitterbombUK.

Check out six more items after the break.

Walking Dead Comic purse

Comics aren’t just about superheroes. Show your love for The Walking Dead by sporting this purse. Get it from Shear Anarchy for $65.

Avengers Long Scarf

Want to keep warm with the Avengers? Get cozy with this long scarf by The Geektonian. It’s $35.

Deadpool Bunny Hat

Just when you thought no one else shared your love for Deadpool and bunnies. This adorable hat is by Anime Swag and is $25.

Comic book bracelet

If you’re into more classic comics, Tanith has you covered. This bracelet is $40 and made from paper comic beads.

Spidey Shoes

Every wardrobe could use a classy pair of comic book shoes. This Spidey pair by Customcomix is $80.


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