Six Fashionable Gifts For Your Geeky Valentine [Gift Guide]

valentines gifts

Valentine’s Day is creeping closer and closer, and you don’t want to be left in the themed aisle of the grocery store scrambling for a box of chocolate and flowers at the last minute. We’ve got a few ideas for the special geek girl in your life that are sure to brighten her Valentine’s Day—or any day for that matter.

Check out the gift suggestions after the break.

kawaii marvel leggings

Marvel Kawaii Leggings

Doses of cute are always welcome gifts, and these leggings with chibi versions of Phoenix, Spidey, Deadpool, and more are sure to make any day more cheery. Don’t you just want to pinch all of their cheeks? $34.99 – Superhero Stuff

mother of dragons

Game of Thrones-inspired Nail Polish

Nail polish is one of those gifts that’s both lovely and practical. It’s also a ton of fun when the color is inspired by a nerdy fandom. If the pictured “Mother of Dragons” shade isn’t just right, browse the shop for other Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, and Star Wars options. $8.95 – Frakker Lacquer


Batman Corset Hoodie

Presenting the gift of a hoodie on a romantic occasion may not make sense, but this corset Batman design isn’t your average sweatshirt. It looks sexy and comfy – that makes it a winner! $69.99 – Vampire Freaks


“I Love You, I Know” Necklace and T-Shirt

Even though “I know” isn’t a recommended response to “I love you,” you can get away with it and even get points if you say it to a Star Wars fan. This necklace and t-shirt capture the memorable phrase in wearable fashion. $49.95 – Her Universe


Lady of the Lake Crown

Go way outside the box and gift your companion something unique and gorgeous: a crown. The fancy accessory can be worn with cocktail dresses or pajamas; it’s that awesome. Prices Vary – Elemental Child

bag depot clutches

R2-KT Wristlet Clutch

There’s no such thing as too many bags, especially when the bags look like astromechs. This R2-KT bag is lightweight and the ideal size for a small wallet, keys, and a phone. As you can see, you could opt for the R2-D2 print if pink isn’t your color. $16 – The Bag Depot


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