Six Handmade “Doctor Who” Accessories For Time Travelers [Featured]


Doctor Who has plenty of props and villains to turn into pieces of jewelry, bags, and scarves. You can use the sonic screwdriver, the TARDIS, Cybermen, and more for inspiration. Etsy is full of handmade items that make  everyone want to be a Time Lord.

Dress up a boring suit with a tie that’s bigger on the inside. You can get the TARDIS design pictured above from Binary Winter Press for $24.

Check out five more fashionable accessories after the break.

LEGO sonic screwdriver earrings

Sonic screwdrivers don’t usually come in miniature form, but Etsy seller Folded Fancy has figured out how to make them from Lego pieces. Get a pair for $20.

Gallifreyan symbols cuff

This Gallifreyan symbol cuff is nothing short of stunning. You could pair it with almost anything. Get it from Time Machine Jewelry for $26.

Dalek Necklace

Daleks are safest when worn around your neck. This polymer clay pendant is carefully sculpted and painted silver. It’s $22 from The Clay Pony.

Fourth Doctor Scarf

No Whovian wardrobe is complete without a full size Fourth Doctor scarf. This design by Weeaboo Warehouse is 11′ and $75.

K9 Messenger Bag

Keep everything you need to carry safe with this K9 Messenger Bag! It’s cuddly and cute. It’s $115 by Handmade by Sam.


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