This Custom ‘Sailor Moon’ Engagement Ring Is Breathtaking


A guy named Adam has a girlfriend named Anna that loves Sailor Moon, so when he approached Takayas about a custom engagement ring, he knew he wanted the crescent moon symbol to be the basis for the design—along with some wing imagery if possible. He also wanted the design to be subtle and elegant.

Once again, Takayas delivered with a gorgeous 14k rose gold diamond ring.

Take a closer look at the design below.






The split shank style actually lent itself perfectly to his ring’s Sailor Moon elements. Takayas decided that the best way to subtly incorporate the wing shape would be to build it into the bottom of the ring’s shoulder where there would be ample room for the wings to fan out.

For the moon symbol, Takayas utilized the moon-shaped tips of the individual prongs and created the setting out of four crescent moons.

The most challenging part of designing the ring was making sure the wings didn’t overlap over the moon setting too much. Takayas needed to make sure that the setting was firmly anchored to the band, but he didn’t want the wings to distract from the individual moons.

You can read even more about the ring design and the proposal on Takayas blog.


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