Release The Kraken Upon This Pirate Ship Ring


Looking for the super unique accessory? Well mateys I’ve found you a mighty pirate ship being attacked by the monstrous tentacles of the legendary Kraken…on a ring!

Etsy shop owner KilroysAttic is literally going to sink my wallet because their jewelry designs are simply fantastic. The same shop that brought us Khaleesi Dragon and Egg ring, has traveled to the great seas to capture this iconic scene in resin.

“Meet Black Pearl, the fastest pirate ship in the Caribbean Seas! She won’t outrun your finger as long as her Kraken anchors her hull to your carcass!! Pearl will grace your scurvy fingers U.S. size 5 up to U.S. size 14.”

Click below for more details and another pic.


“Pearl stands approximately 3 inches tall, 1 inches wide & 2 inches long. Cold cast in nickel silver resin provides a polished metallic sheen with a great contrasting green patina . Before she fully cures, she’ll rest on a RING Sizer at the SIZE you request for that uber perfect fit!”

My ren faire pirate closet is fairly extensive and this is the piece that I realize now I’ve been missing all along.

Product Page ($45.00)


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