Pewter Star Wars Earrings

I often lament the lack of Star Wars jewelry. I’ve got a few necklaces, and one pair of earrings but I’d love for the Wars to take over the contents of my jewelry box. Etsy seller DonaldJames77 might help with that. He’s cast a variety of Star Wars miniatures into pewter earrings. You can select who you want dangling from your ears from a long list of characters including Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Tusken Raiders, R2-D2, and more!

If the pewter look isn’t your favorite, you can choose to have them finished with a faux gold paint. I like the idea, especially the fact that I could have Darth Vader dangling from one ear and Obi-Wan from the other, but I do wonder how heavy the earrings are. Pewter isn’t exactly lightweight. The designs are so cool though that I’m willing to disregard the practicalities!

Check out some of the other available characters after the break.

Product Page ($10-15)


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