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Man Gets Dumped, Uses Engagement Ring Money To Buy Halo Armor

Eric Smith loved his girlfriend. He took the natural next step and decided to propose—and he went to great lengths to get the exact ring she wanted. She wanted the diamond to be a light shade of yellow. He presented her with this symbol of his love, and instead of a positive reply, she told him she was in love with someone else. D’oh. That’s a bad day.

Months passed and he decided he needed to get rid of the engagement ring. Since it was such a unique design and color, it wasn’t easy to sell. Eventually, it found a home through eBay. He felt compelled to spend the money on something he always wanted, so he bought a full set of Master Chief (of Halo) armor. It was a purchase he’d been considering for a while, just waiting until he had the expendable funds to make the move.

It was a frivolous purchase of course, but he doesn’t regret the decision. He wears it to conventions and admits it’s a hard costume to wrangle. It’s hot, he needs two people to put it on him, and he can barely move in the heavy armor. It was an expensive coping mechanism, but really, probably not a lot more than therapy. He’s gotten fulfillment and joy from it, and if it’s helped him heal, then I say more power to him.

(The Bygone Bureau via Geekosystem)


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