The TARDIS And a Dalek Become Both An Octopus And a Necklace

tardis octopus necklace 1

We’ve seen the TARDIS as a woman, but have you ever imagined her as an animal? Etsy seller Something Like That has envisioned the time machine as an octopus, and it’s just weird enough to work. The blue sculpture features the creature holding sonic screwdrivers in its tentacles, and it’s decorated with the police public call box sign. She sculpts this item by hand from polymer clay so it’s not heavy as it looks.

You can definitely wear the 3.5 inch pendant without weighing down your neck. It’s a statement piece, and I bet you won’t run into anyone else wearing anything like it.

Check out more details of this piece along with a Dalek-pus design after the break.

tardis octopus necklace 2

tardis octopus necklace 3

dalek octopus necklace

Product Page ($300 via Technabob)


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