Handmade “Harry Potter” Golden Snitch Engagement Ring Box


This beautiful golden snitch ring box is the perfect thing for proposing to a Harry Potter fan. It was made by redditor nintendai who used a wooden bed post knob as the foundation for his project. He cut it in half, hollowed out the inside, and then added carvings and gold paint. The finishing touch is two gold spray-painted wings attached to either side.

“The entire process took a couple of weeks (on and off because I had to keep on hiding it from her) and was the first time I actually built anything. It was an extremely rewarding process and she absolutely loved the time, thought, and effort I put into it. Hopefully this design might help some other people come up with creative ideas for their engagements!”

I don’t see how anyone could say no to this proposal.

See more pictures after the break…





(via When Geeks Wed)


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