Go Old School With Dewey Decimal Jewelry

i still believe in 398.2 necklace

The Dewey Decimal System is a wonderful organizational system. In fact, as far as systems go, it’s sexy. It’s a relatively efficient way of keeping public library collections straight and even though I know computers are faster and better, I long for the days of flipping through card catalogues and carefully making note of the number and location. It’s not quite the same experience that it used to be. A few Etsy shops are emphasizing the romance of the system and libraries with lovely jewelry. The necklace pictured above basically translates to “I still believe in fairy tales.”

Above pendant available from Moon Garden Designs.

See more jewelry after the break.

Following items are from Written Nerd; the shop takes custom orders.

dewey decimal earrings

dewey decimal necklace

i still believe in 398.2 necklace 2

(Book Riot via BB)


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