This ‘Diablo 3’ Engagement Ring Is Intricate And Gorgeous


Diablo 3 was the first game geek couple James and Colleen played together. The game clearly played a big part in their relationship because James presented Colleen with a hand painted box of their Diablo characters with a key to his house when it came time for her to move in. So it’s only fitting that James would continue this theme when it came time to propose.

Takayas Custom Jewelry called it one of their most technically challenging project to date.

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Based entirely on armor and weapons worn by their Diablo 3 Demon Hunter and Barbarian characters, this platinum 1.00 carat solitaire features 6 black accent diamonds and every part of this design is a nod to their Demon Hunter and Barbarian Diablo 3 characters.

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He used Colleen’s distinctive Demon Hunter shoulder plates as the centerpiece of the ring to frame the diamond on either side. He also incorporated the design pattern on her character’s crossbow from the concept art into these plates.

For James’s character, Takayas used the Maximus sword hilt to secure the center diamond in the front and back. At the bottom of the ring, where the Demon Hunter shoulder plates ended, he used the pattern from the Barbarian’s armored wrist guards. In the under gallery of the ring is the pattern from the Barbarian’s bracers as well.

Because parties in RPGs often rely on melee-focused character like Barbarians for their strength, Takayas wanted to incorporate all of James’s character elements into the supporting structures of the ring: the setting, the under gallery, and the bottom of the shank, while all of Colleen’s Demon Hunter elements would be integrated into top portion of the ring, symbolizing that his character would always be there to support and protect her.

Both of their character elements, however, frame the center diamond, representing the unity of their marriage.

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