Custom Superman Anniversary Ring

This is a ring worthy of Superman. It was a unique anniversary gift designed by Valentine’s Jewelry in Virginia. I would add a comment about geeks being very serious about custom jewelry, but from what I can glean from the description, the customer didn’t request a Superman ring. She liked modern cuts and the jeweler suggested the shield cut diamond:

Our customer wanted a unique right hand ring for an anniversary gift. She likes modern jewelry and unique cut stones so we suggested the shield/superman cut diamond and worked with the customer on a design idea. The picture is a CAD rendering of what we came up with and it turned out great! The white diamond is .56ct and is I color and SI2 clarity. the pink sapphire accent stone was .10ct and was bezel set. We went with 3 different types of metals with this ring. We wanted 14k white gold for the side with the White diamond and inlaid a yellow gold accent wire down the middle. The side with the Pink Sapphire we chose 14k rose gold to help accent the Pink Sapphire. We decided to inlay a platinum wire on that side to accent the Rose gold and tie the piece together. The customer gave us the go-ahead and it took us 3 weeks from their approval until delivery of the finished piece.

Even if it wasn’t intentionally geeky, I’m going to pretend it was. Oh, and if you’re curious, a ring like this would set you back around $3,000 – $4,000.

(Custom Made via When Geeks Wed)


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