Custom Engraved Rings For All Your Fandoms

ring - ww

Like Doctor Who, Star Wars, Wonder Woman, Batman, or Legend of Zelda? Then ArtFire seller Custom Tungsten has you covered and then some. The shop has rings in all sizes made from Tungsten Carbide. They are made to order and come engraved with any one of dozens of symbols. It’s all about options! Besides choosing the right design (the Wonder Woman one above is pretty), you can choose the thickness of the band as well as the color.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the seller’s giant shop, ask about a custom order! The price is right to make these rings fantastic and unique gift options.

See more examples of the rings after the break.

ring - batman

ring - darth vader

ring - doctor who

ring - zelda

ring mario

Product Page ($49)


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