Custom E.T. Ring Will Give You Magic Fingers

I highly doubt that fingering this E.T. will give you healing powers, but the ring Fashionably Geek reader Shannon Larraatt created is pretty awesome nonetheless. He writes:

“My girlfriend/fiance/wife has a funny little wind-up ET toy and I noticed that the head is about the perfect size for a ring (her engagement ring is from Deadringer, so it’s kind of a theme) so I took a mold of the toy, sculpted it into a ring using two-part epoxy clay, and eventually ended up with a nice silicone (Dragon Skin 20) mold. I’ve cast it so far in pewter and plastic resin with nickel powder suspended in the martix (so sort of a plastic metal hybrid)”.

Check out an additional image after the break.

(Thanks Shannnon!)


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