Create The Ultimate Everyday Cosplay With These 7 Marvel-Inspired Dresses, Cosmetics, And Accessories [Featured]


As if we didn’t already love Marvel enough, all the recent cinematic universe news has Marvel front and center in our fashionably geek brains. We have a feeling many of you might also be looking for ways to display your excitement for Marvel in your style, so we assembled some everyday cosplay outfits that perfect for showing your love of their classic heroes and villains in just about any situation.

For each outfit we found dresses inspired by Marvel characters along with some heroic cosmetics and accessories to continue the theme and really capture the spirit and style of each character.

From Captain Marvel to Iron Man, after the break you can find seven Marvel-inspired everyday cosplay outfits that will make you the stylish hero (or villain) our universe needs!


Spider-Man Costume Dress ($25.88)


Channel your inner webslinger with this dress from Hot Topic! You’ll look like another member of the spidey family wearing these iconic colors and familiar logo pattern. If you want to bring out even more of your heroic side, pair it with just the right shade of spider red.


Super Lustrous Lip Gloss Killer-watt ($14.46)

Try this gloss from Revlon’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Electric Chrome collection to make your lips stand out. No one will doubt your spidey style with this sparkling color.


Web Cuff Bracelet ($17.95)

Add a shining silver cuff to your arm to complete your outfit. It will make people wonder about your possible web weaving powers!


Captain America Costume Dress ($45)

Captain America

Look patriotic with this Captain America dress. Its unique style combines elements from the First Avenger and the USO girls for a look like no other! Of course the Captain America we’ve seen in the movies would be in a lot of trouble if it wasn’t for the help he gets from Black Widow. So why not also complement your look with some Black Widow lip gloss?


Red in My Ledger ($2.00 – $8.00)

This Black Widow inspired gloss called Red in My Ledger is part of Shiro Cosmetics‘ The Earth’s Mightiest Heroes collection. It’s blackened mulberry color will make you feel like a true member of S.H.I.E.L.D. and even has a deep fruity black walnut flavor.

You can’t truly be like Cap though without your shield. Luckily SuperheroStuff has you covered.


Stud Earrings ($9.99)

Always have your shield in reach with these surgical steel earrings. They may look harmless, but you’ll know their true power!


Iron Man Costume Tank Dress ($36.99)

Iron Man

Suit up in your own armor with this stunning Iron Man tank dress. It’s stylish cut makes it perfect to wear for any occasion. To bring out even more of Tony Stark’s rich style, add a little shimmer to your lids with the perfect matching cosmetic.


Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist ($1.00 – $6.00)

You’ll feel unstoppable with this Stark-inspired mineral powder eyeshadow. It captures the spirit of Iron Man with its metallic copper-tinted gold color with a subtle red shift. While your eyes shine with Avengers power, why not make your hands shine a bit as well?


Arc Reactor Ring ($12.50)

You might not think the blue of this arc reactor ring matches all that well with the red of the rest of this outfit, but to truly look like Iron Man you need to keep this source of your power close by! It’s the perfect eye-catching piece for this everyday cosplay look.


Loki A-Line Dress ($48)


Who doesn’t love Loki? Look like your favorite villain in this dress inspired by his classic costume from Her Universe. Add to the dangerous, otherworldly look with some eyeshadow worthy of the prince.


Burdened with Glorious Purpose ($1.00 – $6.00)

Feel as burdened with glorious purpose as Loki with this shade by Shiro Cosmetics. Its blackened semi-metallic olive-gold color will make your eyes pop. To complete the style though you need one more necessary item.


Loki Metal Necklace ($10)

You can’t be Loki without his iconic headgear, so wear it elegantly around your neck with this bronze metal necklace. With this look, no one can stand in your way!


Captain Marvel Tank Tunic ($24.65)

Captain Marvel

There’s no doubt everyone is excited that Marvel is finally making a Captain Marvel movie! Dress as the powerful Carol Danvers in this fashionable tank tunic by WeLoveFine. It represents her awesome power with some bold sparkle.


Boom ($7.50)

Literally add some “boom!” to your lids or lips with this copper and gold hued sparkle glitter from Espionage CosmeticsComic Book Collection. It will give your heroic look a much needed shine! To finish off your unstoppable hero style, accessorize with an impressive piece of jewelry.


Open Star Necklace ($25)

This handmade necklace will really make you feel like Captain Marvel. The open star is supposed to look similar to the Kree emblem and will make all your fellow Carol Corps members jealous!


Fantastic Four Costume Tank Dress ($31.99)

Fantastic Four

Become a member of the first Marvel team created by the legendary Stan Lee with this cosplay dress. You can be the Invisible Woman or replace a member of the team with your own new character by wearing their iconic blue uniform. No costume is complete without the right shade of eyeshadow to hide your secret identity either.


Glowstick of Destiny ($1.00 – $6.00)

Try this blue eyeshadow from Shiro Cosmetics. It’s the perfect shade to complement your dress and it’s inspired by the Tesseract—an item any Fantastic Four member would be very familiar with!


Fantastic Four Necklace and Earring Set ($25)

To feel like the other three members are with you in spirit, wear this three-piece jewelry set. The recognizable logo and colors will finish off your everyday cosplay.


Dark Phoenix Tunic Tank Dress ($27.95)

Dark Phoenix

Another character that will allow you to embrace your comic book dark side is the Dark Phoenix. This X-Men inspired tunic tank dress will let you display the fury of this version of Jean Grey. Continue to show the power of the Phoenix Force through a fiery lipstick.


Phoenix Lipstick ($10)

Make your lips burn with power by using this bright red lipstick. It’s color contains golden highlights that make it a perfect match for this look. Even while you’re the Dark Phoenix though, you can subtlety display your origins with the proper accessory.


X-Men Barrette Set ($6)

Never forget your former team with this hair barrette set. The colors will match your new Dark Phoenix persona but the symbol will act as a reminder that your character began as a member of the X-Men!


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