Brooches Made From The Pages Of Classic Books

book brooch 1

Being obsessed with reading probably means you always have a book close at hand. Well now, you can carry a piece of a book with you just by pinning on a brooch. Etsy shop House of Ismay takes random pages from old and battered books and gives them new life as brooches. The shape of the wooden brooch relates to the book that covers it. Sherlock Holmes gets a pipe-shaped brooch, Alice in Wonderland gets a rabbit, etc.

These would make lovely accessories and fantastic gifts. Since they’re made from wood or MDF board, they’re lightweight, and they’re carefully sealed so they won’t be ruined by water. Turnaround time for orders is about ten days.

See more brooches after the break.

book brooch 2

book brooch 3

book brooch 4

book brooch 5

book brooch 6

book brooch 7

Product Page ($16.95 via MMM)


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