An Epic Princess Leia Ring To Go With An Epic Proposal

leia ring

The first season of Heroes of Cosplay ended with a warm and fuzzy moment: Jinyo proposed to his girlfriend Victoria and Peter Mayhew was there to help and make it even more memorable. D’awww! Love is grand, and it’s made grander by awesome engagement rings like the Princess Leia inspired one Jinyo proposed with. I love this trend of non-traditional rings! It adds just the right personalized touch.

Victoria mentioned the idea for the ring a while ago and Paul Michael Design (the genius behind the R2-D2 engagement ring and others) made it happen. Jinyo added the finishing touch by creating the Death Star ring box. It all came together perfectly. Cheers to the happy couple!

See a photo of the special moment after the break.

heroes of cosplay proposal 2

(via Scruffy Rebel)


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