An Engagement Ring That Sparkles With LEDs When You Hold Hands [Video]

LED engagement ring

Geeks design the best engagement rings. Take Ben for example. He used a program to come up with a titanium ring with 23 stones (13 white ones and 10 blue ones). However, the real magic is what went inside the ring: a copper coil assembly and LEDs. It wasn’t easy to do, and he had to be clever. From Hack a Day:

Putting a battery of capacitor inside a ring is nigh impossible, so [Ben] decided to power the LEDs with an inductive charging circuit. A coil of wire wound around kapton tape serves as the inductor and a small SMD capacitor powers three very bright and very tiny LEDs.

The inductive charging unit itself is a masterpiece of hackery; [Ben] wanted the ring to light up whenever he and his ladyfriend were holding hands. To do this, [Ben]‘s inductive charger is also a wearable device: a large coil of wire is the charger’s transformer and was would to fit around [Ben]‘s wrist. The entire charging circuit can be easily hidden under a jacket sleeve, making for a nearly magical light-up ring.

Ben worked hard on every painstaking step of making the ring, and it paid off. He intended the ring to be a temporary one, but his lady liked it so much she asked him to make changes so it will last.

See it light up after the break.

(via Neatorama)


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