An Affordable Official One Ring To Rule Them All

Weta has done a wonderful thing for Lord of the Rings fans: they’ve created an authentic and reasonably priced version of the One Ring. Until now they’ve only offered a solid gold one at a price so steep that even Denethor wouldn’t buy one. Actually, it’s fairly priced at $3,000; that’s just out of a lot of people’s league. This new version is made from Tungsten Carbide:

Weta is pleased to be working with Jens Hansen to produce The One Ring in gold plated Tungsten Carbide. It’s crafted to the exact shape, thickness and proportions of the original movie prop. The 18K gold plating and the significant weight of the Tungsten now ensures that you can own a One Ring that looks and feels absolutely right.

Be sure to measure your ringer finger carefully, precious. This type of metal cannot be re-sized.

And in case you wondered: no, it is not possible to leave out the phrase “to rule them all” when discussing the One Ring.

Product Page ($99 via Fanboy)


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