Adventure Time Is Even More Delicious With Oreo Cookie Necklaces


Oh my glob! It’s a mini Oreo shaped like Jake shaped like an Oreo on a necklace! Etsy shop owner momomony makes adorable bite-sized Adventure Time cookie necklaces to satisfy your heart, but not your tummy.

Sculpted from polymer clay, the hand-painted cutie fits in the palm of your hand and is suspended from a 22-inch silver chain. Although small in size, the level of detail in the dessert pendant is super realistic. In fact, I’m not so sure that isn’t an actual cookie now.

And Jake isn’t the only Adventure Time character available. See more examples after the jump.


It’s Peppermint Butler Oreo Necklace!


And what better gift for your bestie than the Finn and Jake combo cookies?  True friendship right here.

These are just too adorable to pass up. And check out the rest of her shop for even more adorable clay designs.

Product Page (Prices Vary)

(Via The Nerdist)


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