A Gorgeous Groot Pendant


Groot is the tree on everyone’s mind these days, and DeviantArt user DeeArtist321 channeled her appreciate for the tree-like being into a wearable item. She sculpted Groot’s head into a pendant with copper wire and included the following description with the picture:

Groot pendant made of copper wire and gemstones. I’ve used blue sheen labradorite for his eyes, and for the back (flying rocket, inspired by Milano colors – blue, orange and white) I used clear quartz points, orange carnelian from Botswana, blue obsidian – as a “magnifying glass” – for the tiny white opal behind it (you can see opal rainbow colors shining through)…

I think she nailed the likeness, and the choice of labradorite is perfect for the character’s kind eyes.

(via GAS)


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