The Ninjacket Is Even Ninja-ier With The Puffy Pants


The samurai look was hot this year and Tokyo Otaku Mode capitalized on that trend big time with their samurai armor hoodie. Now they’re back with a new design that’s all about ninjas.




The NINJACKET was created using a lightweight jersey material for ease of movement, resulting in modern wear designed after the stealthy outfits of quick, agile ninja that can be worn daily, even during sports. It was also created with consideration paid to it being Insulated and soft to the touch

Plus, you can get matching pants based on the design of hakama (formal trousers) and kyahan (leggings).



The project is currently funding in Indiegogo with shipping slated for April 2017 if the $20K goal is reached. The pricing breaks down thusly:


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